Now What Do I Do?

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By Unknown

A Mystery For the Ages

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By Unknown

My Mom's Logic

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By cluelessspam

Oh You Kids...

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But You Said...

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By WaffleKitten

The Mother-Made Paradoxes...

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By JoeSnake32

So Close

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By Unknown

I've Done Enough Work!

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By ogmememaker

Mom Logic

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By figwickits

Mom Logic

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By Unknown

This Has Happened to All of Us at Some Point

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By Aflyinavocado

Lawn Mowers Through the Ages

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By Rachelbarney (Via

Troll Dad Thoughts

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By GonzoRulz

What Was I Doing?

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By Unknown

Why Do Other People Have to Be So Freaking Productive?

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By Unknown

Let Dishes Soak? Ain't Nobody Got Time fo Dat!

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By trevorbubbis