Passive Aggression Level 100

Someone tweets about how they asked their roommate to take out the trash, and their roommate picks out the individual pieces of trash that they put in
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Alright, Well, Good Night

Caption that reads, "You ain't leaving this kitchen until the dishes are done" above a pic of two guys sleeping in a small kitchen
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Get On That Ish

Snapchat text overlay that reads, "I been postponing malonedrey for too long" over a photoshopped pic of Post Malone's head in a laundry basket
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The Struggle Is Real

Funny meme about cleaning.
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The Worst

Funny meme about when you touch wet food in the sink.
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In My House, You Earn Your Keep

help chores Cats image - 8986232064
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It's All Separate From the Dirty Clothes Pile Over There

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Who You Gonna Call?

ghostbusters Who You Gonna Call?
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Didn't You Hear? It's On The First Panel!

wtf brain forgetting chores - 8581727488


chores dogs hilarious unfair working - 6403212800
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Check and Mate


This is how I die.

Death chores mom - 8556294656

Must I pay you for everything?

Challenge Accepted true story chores mom challenge considered - 6525594880

Dishes Rage

chores - 8540813312
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