Classic: An Unlimited Resource of Chcolate

want mindwarp optical illusions gifs chocolate - 8571750400
Created by anselmbe

R.I.P. Dorp

dogs kids chocolate - 8566750976
Created by Bear_Artic

Chocolate and Vanilla Hypnosis

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Created by ToolBee

You'll Never Get Those Chocolates Back

Cats cute fridge chocolate funny - 8234067456

Plausible Deniability

Via Spill My Beans

Eat ALL the Chocolate

chocolate gluttony Rage Comics yao ming - 5320474112
Created by Seabean

I Might Cry...

bacon food chocolate - 8183292160

Always Check your Skin for Moles

gross sad but true chocolate web comics - 8480765696
Created by anselmbe

See Also: Martinis from Waitresses

breakfast brownies cake chocolate Pie Chart - 4245271808
Created by cbastedo

The Smile in The Last Panel Nails It

Via Chris Hallbeck
benedict cumberbatch Star Trek chocolate - 445445

Here's That Benedict Cumberbatch Made Out of Chocolate You Never Knew You Wanted

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What Do Chocolate Bunnies Have to Do With Jesus Again?

chocolate easter holiday religion - 6078894848
Via Live Science

There's a Big Difference

milk sweet jesus chocolate - 8444208128
Created by Smartybrat

How ISIS Raises Funds

wtf chocolate delicious funny - 8443850240

At Least You Have Chocolate

chocolate funny money - 8443603712

Almond "Joy"

candy me gusta chocolate - 8442240256
Created by DissolveTheKitten