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20+ Chocolate Memes To Give Away For Valentines Day

I remember when they first invented chocolate
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'As you wish Mr. Principal': Principal Shuts Down Student’s Booth Due to ‘High Profits’, Leading To Student’s Clever Compliance With School Policy

'As you wish Mr. Principal': Principal Shuts Down Student’s Booth Due to ‘High Profits’, Leading To Student’s Clever Compliance With School Policy

It really is a gift to be petty. There is no match for the genuine, honest, and organic expertise of a petty individual. You are either gifted from birth or you are not. The story that follows fully supports my claim. OP recounts an incident that happened not too long ago when she was still an impressionable adolescent trying to figure out who she was in the world. She recalls the moment her school decided to organize and build a bazaar. Each class took responsibility for a distinct booth. So,…
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'This is a travesty': British Karen rails against iconic candy changing its wrappers, entertains the internet

0/10 Quality Street
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MrBeast Gets Called Out for Asking Fans to 'Clean Up' Displays of His Chocolate Bars in Walmart

Most normal YouTuber fanbase
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Twitter Reacts to M&Ms Retiring Iconic Mascot Spokescandies

Tucker Carlson won
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Funniest Chocolate Memes for People Needing Their Cocoa Fix

Chocaholics unite
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A compilation of memes mourning Klondike's discontinuation of the Chaco Taco

Memes Mourning The Loss Of The Choco Taco

Gone too soon.
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Gross, Hand Licking Fine Dining Experience Has Twitter Users Up In Arms

What’s worse, the mess or the eye contact?
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Food Theory: The Disturbing Lore of M&Ms

This has to be the candy with the most deranged ad execs.
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Good Lord

funny and disgusting tweet | BASED SAVAGE @BASEDSAVAGE_ Go to hell EDi gyal them sugar@ @CHRlSxJETS... Chocolate sauce wings with sprinkles! flats
Funny dank memes entitled, "Chocolate Gorilla Melting" | Listen kid don't have much time only toothpaste recommended by 10/10 dentist is made with mematic

Melting Chocolate Gorilla Memes Are About The World's Best-Kept Secrets

We'll never know the truth...
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Funny meme that reads, "The only happy ending" above a photo of a bunch of mostly eaten ice cream cones with chocolate in the bottom
Via madman434

My Heart

Cute meme showing a fluffy husky next to a whiteboard that reads, "The reason dogs can't eat chocolate is because they are already too sweet"
Via YarelX

Solid Point

Funny meme about M&Ms caramel packaging looking twisted, like M&Ms are disembowling their own kind
Via kitari1

It's Just A Prank Bro

Caption that reads, "How to seriously f*ck with people" above a photo of a bowl mixed with Skittles, Reese's Pieces and M&Ms
Via Queennn

Ultimate Betrayal

Funny meme of mama june
Via @classicalfuck
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