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Dude Provides Fascinating Explanation About Why Doritos Are So Addictive

There's a lot going on
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I'd Never Abandon You

Funny meme about when a chip breaks in the salsa, using a sturdier chip to pick it up, beauty and the beast, disney
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Funny meme about how loud chips are | The sound of me eating chips My tv at full volume
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Funny memes about Pringles | Teletubbies Pringles CHEDDAR CHEESE Super Stack Potato C Crujeres de pa Potato Crisps Sabor Queso Cheddar 1508 Dia 2A Berukam | Rick and Morty only good chip company doesn't fill half 's container with chips Pringles

Crispy Pringles Memes For Anyone Who's Got The Munchies

But can they finally fix the dang can so it can fit adult hands?
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Choose Your Fighter

Funny meme about sour cream and onion vs salt and vinegar chips
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Funny twitter thread, tilda swinton, doritos

Eleven Times Tilda Swinton Stole Her Style From Doritos

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Nothing But Respect For This Candidate

Funny picture of a hat that looks like a MAGA hat but it says make chips 4/1$ again.
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Snacks Are Life

Text conversation where guy asks girl what she's doing, girl responds "eating chips"
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An Important Distinction

Caption that reads, "The plot thickens for seemingly no reason" above pics of a Pringles can that reads, "Bursting with more flavor* *than before"
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Funny meme about finishing pringles.
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It Had To Be Done

Tweet that reads, "I went ahead and exposed they ass" above a pic of bags of tortilla chips upside-down to expose that the bags are only half-full
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funny potato memes

15 Stupid Potato Memes That Celebrate The World's Most Superior Root Vegetable

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Funny meme about cool ranch listerine.
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Funny meme about doritos for women.
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Funny list about Prongles, Cards Against Humanity's new chip brand, pringles, pigs, joke, parody, black friday parody, target.

Introducing Prongles, Cards Against Humanity's Hilarious Parody Potato Chips

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The Fun...Definitely Stops

Funny Pringles-like chip called Prongles.
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