Introducing Prongles, Cards Against Humanity's Hilarious Parody Potato Chips

It's only been a couple weeks since Prongles, a bizarre Pringles-esque crisp brand, hit the shelves of Target - but they've already garnered A LOT of internet attention. Netizens have been wondering who is behind the blatant rip-off, and they've finally got the answer: Cards Against Humanity. 

On November 16th a savvy Redditor uploaded a receipt that listed Prongles as "CAH Card Game." After carefully following an internet bread crumb trail, their suspicions were proven to be reality. The product went viral quickly, and finally, on Black Friday, the dark-humored game company opened up about the chips in a tweet: 

"Effective today, we are leaving the games industry. It's time we focus on our real passion: revolutionizing snack food with our new brand, Original Prongles!" 

While the abandonment of the game industry is clearly an elaborate Black Friday prank, we are curious to know how long CAH will play along - and curious as to how long Prongles will be on Target's shelves. They're definitely a product we'd like to sample, even despite their drooling pig mascot.

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