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These Brilliant Bros Drunkenly Tried to Kickstart a Happy Hour at Chipotle, and Their Results Are Absurd

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Chipotle Undercooked His Chicken, so He Took Off With Their Tea

guy stole tea from chipotle over undercooked chicken
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Chipotle Still Doesn't Have That E. Coli Thing Figured Out, and These Trolls are Taking Full Advantage

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I'll Never Let Go

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Life Hack: Six Ways to Maximize the Size of Your Chipotle Burrito Without Paying Extra

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Who Could Say No to You?


I've Got My Priorities in Order


Chipotle, I Swear...

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You Tell Me Which is the Better Deal

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Who Could Say No to You?

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Chipotle Burritos Are Very Messy

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Pooping: Yeah, It's Kinda Like That

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Got Here Just in Time

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Chipotle Happiness

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Chipotle Drive-Thru + Taco Bell Breakfast = Death of Intestines Everywhere

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Crazy Dude Eats 4 Chipotle Burritos in 3 Minutes

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