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Today In Things That Will Break A Macbook: A Single Grain Of Chipotle Rice

Apple products may have many strengths, but durability sure isn’t one of them. Every iPhone or MacBook user has endured the delights of smashed screens and dwindling battery life at some point or another, no matter how carefully they use their electronics. It has got to a point where the reasons for malfunctioning devices are starting to get pretty ridiculous, as @kaxamdays had the misfortune to find out recently. After eating Chipotle near their MacBook, they closed it with a single grain of r…
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Guy Drinks Chipotle Lemonade, Ends Up With DUI

A sacrifice we all make when we eat out anywhere is that we don't really know what's going into our food, and the same goes for drinks, too. You might think it's harder to mess up a soda than a combo meal, but that's not always the case, as one man recently found out. In a short video, LA-based @shamansaucy shows a drinks dispenser in the fast food chain full of hibiscus lemonade. The subtitles then explain that it was this beverage that tested positive for alcohol when he was pulled over by a …
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Thirty-Nine Amusing Memes Of Varying Freshness

Memes for all.
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We Also Can't Put An Adequate Amount Of Guac On Our Burritos!

Funny stock photo meme about someone being hired to work at Chipotle
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15 Greasy Fast Food Memes That Any American Will Salivate Over

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'Girl Tracing Cat' Memes Let You Throw Some Major Shade

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Marc Jacobs Proposed To His Boyfriend In A Chipotle In The Most Epic Way

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Funny meme about chipotle being extra.
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Push That Guac

Funny meme set in a job interview for Chipotle.
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birdman respect memes Fine...
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These Brilliant Bros Drunkenly Tried to Kickstart a Happy Hour at Chipotle, and Their Results Are Absurd

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Chipotle Undercooked His Chicken, so He Took Off With Their Tea

guy stole tea from chipotle over undercooked chicken
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Chipotle Still Doesn't Have That E. Coli Thing Figured Out, and These Trolls are Taking Full Advantage

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I'll Never Let Go

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Life Hack: Six Ways to Maximize the Size of Your Chipotle Burrito Without Paying Extra

funny memes chipotle burrito life hack
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Who Could Say No to You?

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