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Hamptons Private Chef Sparks Debate After Showing Off Her 17-Hour Workday

Is it worth it?
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Restaurant Workers Share the Most Spectacular Fails From New Hires

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Chef Goes Viral for Trying Sus Vintage Recipes That Sound Disgusting to Us 21st-Century Folk

Chef Goes Viral for Trying Sus Vintage Recipes That Sound Disgusting to Us 21st-Century Folk

Baked bean pizza? Corn Cookies?? Peach SPAM bake??? JELLIED MEATLOAF???? This man actually makes these dishes AND eats them.
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Relatable Restaurant Memes for People Who Have Worked in a Kitchen

A good restaurant hides its behind-the-scenes chaos well. While you're sipping wine and twirling spaghetti to the soothing sounds of smooth jazz, a 90 degree kitchen full of sleep-deprived mad lads is buzzing with energy. And just because you work in a restaurant doesn't mean you have the same experience as your colleagues. The polite server and the no-nonsense line cook, though part of the same ecosystem, exist in very different worlds. If you've ever worked in a kitchen, you'll probably dig th
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Generous Chef Cooks Nutritious Meals For A Whole Town

Faith in humanity: restored
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Funny memes about being a chef

19 Chef Memes For The Exhausted People On The Line

We salute you.
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Funny memes about food | Where does all money go pointing at belly | These roasted veggies are delicious! Waiter: Oh thank Our chef has secret roasting technique cut kitchen BetaSalmon ugly No one loves will never be main

20 Delicious Food Memes For Hungry People

Caution: these might make you hungry.
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Funny memes about cooking | chef cooks anything Kosher salt Nut Button | Expectation Reality Lego set tiny kitchen and a chef

Fifteen Cooking Memes For Culinary Hobbyists

Memes for people who love to cook!
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Funny memes about cooking | SO asks cook them fancy dinner breaded chicken piccata with lemon jasmine rice. 12:34 This is chicken nuggets. 1220 | penguin dish gets sent back and chef asks who made

Eighteen Cooking Memes For Pros And Hobbyists Alike

Memes for the chefs!
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Funny memes about cooking and food | recipe: 2 cloves garlic got pic of many garlic cloves | tries cook again fire alarms my house many times do have teach this lesson, old man? sponegbob squarepants fish

Fourteen Delicious Cooking Memes For Amateur Chefs

Memes for those who love food!
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Funny Twitter memes entitled, "Follow Me for More Recipes" | Prettygetz Getrudes @PrettygetzG Follow more recipe hot dog sliced and covered in ketchup. Sudipto @tastemythunder Follow more recipes peeled banana on a plate bare minimum food funny kitchen no talent for cooking basic simple

Twitter Users Roast Their Own Cooking 'Skills' With This Culinary Meme

We can't all be Gordon Ramsays.
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Funny Twitter memes entitled "The Cooking, The Face" where people put up a picture of something they've cooked next to a picture of their face | chuuslip cooking face (saw this on tl and thought cute dhdkdhdkdk) photo of a shirtless guy and photo of a pan with some dish being cooked

'The Cooking, The Face' Memes Roast Amateur, Overconfident Chefs

People on Twitter just love attention, don't they?
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Funny meme that reads, "Recipe: 2 cloves of garlic; Me: got it" above a photo of a ton of garlic on a cutting board
Via Painahimah
Funny pictures of times people messed up in the kitchen

18 Times People Royally Effed Up In The Kitchen

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Video of a British TV host insulting an Italian chef's meal

Italian Chef Delivers Savage One-Liner After British TV Host Insults His Cooking

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Millennials Apparently Have *No Clue* What A Butter Knife Is, According To This Survey

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