Forever Alone

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Yeah, the Girls in Anonymous Proxy are Pretty Wild

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I Like a Little Scrape

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Trollspiration: Why Aren't You Making Any Sense?

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Created by supermudkip

Noob WoW Player

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Created by lucasdnd

Well, While We're on the Subject...

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Created by skittlesthekittie

If You Don't Have Anything Good to Say... You Must Be on the Internet

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Take it to the Next Level

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Via and-sothestorygoes

Sure You Are

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It Was a Cool Science Video, You Jerk

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Are You Avoiding Me?

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I Don't Have to Be a Stranger

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Created by ZackDerp

Away Is the Internet's "Restraining Order."

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Sincerely Wants to Know What You Were in the Middle of Typing

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Must Be a Glitch

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Replotted: So Many Penises

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Created by Pika4Chu