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27 Chummy Group Chat Memes That Won't Trigger 10,000 Notifications on Your Phone

You either vibe to group chat or not
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Iconic Chat Site Omegle Shuts Down, the Internet Reacts

An era has ended
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The Most Cringeworthy Dating App Encounters This Week (June 2, 2023)

They are wild
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Funny and Unsettling ChatGPT Interactions That Prove the Power of Machines

AI gone wild
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The Most Cringeworthy Dating App Encounters This Week (May 3, 2023)

Just why
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Funny Tweets About ChatGPT, the New and Advanced AI Chatbot

It's just like a person
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Wild & Wacky Interactions That Almost Make Social Media Worth It

Say what
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Dude Provides Life Updates from Group Chat of Guys with the Same Name, Starts Wholesome Thread on Shared Monikers

Matt Cohen 4ever
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College Student Gets Applauded For Organizing "Hoe Union" To Stay Safe At Parties

She's onto something
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Target Chat Agent Gets Real With Customer, People Relate

Sucks to be him
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Poetic Customer Service Representative Captures The Heart Of Twitter

So elegant
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Zucc Has The Right Idea

Funny meme that reads, "Nobody: ... Me during Zoom video calls: ..." above a photo of Mark Zuckerberg in trial wearing Crocs
Via dogsarebetterhummas24

Thanks For Your Help, Paypal...

Pic of a PayPal bot telling a user they can ask any question; user says they got scammed and Paypal responds with, "Great!"
Via Vitrousis

Worst Possible News

Funny meme about being added to a group chat.
Via Mandalorian MEmes


dog chatting with human wants to play catch
Via Iguanabewithyou

So Close

chat table flipping - 8341662720
Created by marvi-konvic
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