Modern Isolation

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Via Jim Benton

Just Give Us All Your Personal Data And We'll Give You This Shiny Gadget

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Created by Derp-a-derp ( Via Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal )

Cellphones Help People Become Oblivious

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This Exorcism Got Interupted

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Created by Unknown

Just Because My Phone is Cheap Doesn't Mean It's Bad

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Why Flexible Smartphones Are Going to Be Worth The Wait

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The One Fatal Flaw That Smart Phones Possess

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What Are The Odds?

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Family Dinner

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Created by jc2581

Enjoy The Rhythms of Life

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Phone Culture is Ruining Lives

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Well Sir, Those Machines Are Designed to Last a Lot Longer

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Study Break

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Bathroom Romance

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Nokia's Anti-Blending Technology

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Created by ToolBee

Siren Song

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