Screw You Apple!!

Tweet that reads, "Dropped my phone but guess who saved it? My earphones, the ones with wires"
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The Struggle of a Concert Dad

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Created by anselmbe ( Via For GIFs )

Cellphones Are Making Us Stupider

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We've All Been There

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The Perfect Thing For Cutting Phone Costs

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Dropping a Cellphone From 40 Stories

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Created by Unknown

How To Deliver a Pizza To a Cellphone Tower

cellphones mindwarp pizza gifs - 8468598784
Created by Unknown

So That's Why You Don't Stab a Cellphone

cellphones explosions wtf mindwarp gifs - 8460845312
Created by Unknown

Another Reminder to Have Your Bearings About You While Texting

cellphones gifs bears critters - 8432651520
Created by Unknown

Maybe This is a Sign You Shouldn't Be Friends

cellphones movies friends sad but true web comics - 8422659328
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cellphones whoops FAIL gifs toilets - 8409968640
Created by anselmbe

When You Try To Answer The Phone But You Are a Baby

Babies cellphones gifs phones - 8399489792
Created by Unknown

Hold On Some A-Hole is Looking at Me Funny

cellphones dogs gifs - 8390294272
Created by ani.s4 ( Via Youtube )

So That's What a Train Does to a Cellphone

memes cellphones gifs trains - 8347473408
Created by Unknown

Do They Have Snake?

cellphones iPhones Star Trek web comics - 8288962816
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Watching a Movie With The Ol' Girlfriend

cellphones movies girlfriends web comics - 8221298944
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