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Funniest 'Check the Candy' Memes for Staying Safe This Halloween

You never know what's in there
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A compilation of Lisa Rinna M&M themed tweets and memes

The Funniest Lisa Rinna M&M Tweets

Sometimes memes get so incomprehensible that you need to pull back layers and layers of context even to explain them to an outsider. Lisa Rinna M&M is one of those memes. This meme started with an Academy Awards advertising campaign from 2008, which features Real Housewives star Lisa Rinna and Joey Fatone on the red carpet rendered as horrifying M&Ms . Why are they M&Ms? Why do they look like that? Only God knows. This year, the Lisa Rinna M&M has begun to pop up in various memes on Twitter and…
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Funny tweets about gray skittles for pride month lgbtq+

Skittles Is Getting Roasted For Their Gray 'Pride Edition' Candies

Here we go again
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Food Theory: The Disturbing Lore of M&Ms

This has to be the candy with the most deranged ad execs.
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Funny meme about how the package for caramel M&Ms casually shows m&ms murdering each other
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Clever Girl

Funny tweet about a kid of took inventory of her Halloween candy supply so that she could see if any family members were stealing her candy
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My Heart

Cute meme showing a fluffy husky next to a whiteboard that reads, "The reason dogs can't eat chocolate is because they are already too sweet"
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Funny and nostalgic pictures of products from the '90s

Twenty-Eight Nostalgic '90s Pics In Honor Of The Greatest Decade

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Solid Point

Funny meme about M&Ms caramel packaging looking twisted, like M&Ms are disembowling their own kind
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It's Just A Prank Bro

Caption that reads, "How to seriously f*ck with people" above a photo of a bowl mixed with Skittles, Reese's Pieces and M&Ms
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Funny shopping fails.

19 Online Shopping Fails That Were Probably Worth It For The Laughs

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Dat Post-Halloween Mood

Tweet that reads, "Her: Did you eat my Milk Duds? Me: *Silently chews for seven minutes, finally swallows;* First of all, I don't appreciate your accusations"
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It's Horrifying

Caption that reads, "Please check your children's candy very carefully this Halloween. I found an M4A3E8 Sherman tank in this box of Pocky" above a pic of a tank with a little empty box of Pocky stuck to it
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Funny meme about gummy worms.
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She's Brilliant.

Pic of a tampon box with candy hiding inside with the caption, "My wife outsmarted the whole family, again"
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Amateur Hour

funny tweet about boyfriend eating a kit kat wrong.
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