Funny tweets about gray skittles for pride month lgbtq+

Skittles Is Getting Roasted For Their Gray 'Pride Edition' Candies

Here we go again
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Food Theory: The Disturbing Lore of M&Ms

This has to be the candy with the most deranged ad execs.
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Funny meme about how the package for caramel M&Ms casually shows m&ms murdering each other
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Clever Girl

Funny tweet about a kid of took inventory of her Halloween candy supply so that she could see if any family members were stealing her candy
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My Heart

Cute meme showing a fluffy husky next to a whiteboard that reads, "The reason dogs can't eat chocolate is because they are already too sweet"
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Funny and nostalgic pictures of products from the '90s

Twenty-Eight Nostalgic '90s Pics In Honor Of The Greatest Decade

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Solid Point

Funny meme about M&Ms caramel packaging looking twisted, like M&Ms are disembowling their own kind
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It's Just A Prank Bro

Caption that reads, "How to seriously f*ck with people" above a photo of a bowl mixed with Skittles, Reese's Pieces and M&Ms
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Funny shopping fails.

19 Online Shopping Fails That Were Probably Worth It For The Laughs

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Dat Post-Halloween Mood

Tweet that reads, "Her: Did you eat my Milk Duds? Me: *Silently chews for seven minutes, finally swallows;* First of all, I don't appreciate your accusations"
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It's Horrifying

Caption that reads, "Please check your children's candy very carefully this Halloween. I found an M4A3E8 Sherman tank in this box of Pocky" above a pic of a tank with a little empty box of Pocky stuck to it
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Funny meme about gummy worms.
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She's Brilliant.

Pic of a tampon box with candy hiding inside with the caption, "My wife outsmarted the whole family, again"
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Amateur Hour

funny tweet about boyfriend eating a kit kat wrong.
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drake memes

'Drake Reacting To A Lollipop' Is Getting Meme'd To Sh*t

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He Hacked The System

Pic of some M&Ms that have been glued to peanuts with a hot glue gun with the caption, "LMAO y'all still paying for peanut M&Ms?"
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