Nothing like camping in the great outdoors. Since most kids have never pitched a tent, lit a fire without chemicals, or spent a night out in the woods without a smartphone and Fortnite. So get back to your roots with some homey and hilarious camping puns.

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Natural Exits Just Confuse Them

funny parenting image natural-exits-just-confuse-them
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Mark One Territory, Forfeit Another

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Just Making That Bear All the More Hangry, Man

wtf bears camping food eating web comics - 8811881472
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With Years Comes Wisdom, Like Knowing What You Really Need to Pack...

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That's Exactly the Kind of Sign a Murderer Would Put Up

camping sign irl
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bear camping pun vacation - 6603713280
By fareon

What the Ghostbusters Do During the Slow Season

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Ever Wanted to Hit the Great Outdoors AND Look Like a Giant Dork?

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Hope They Didn't Forget Anything

camping funny kardashians - 8306123776
By Unknown

That's a Good Reason to Not Go Camping

wtf creepy camping web comics - 8275080192
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snipe was worth the wait

Worth the Wait

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Bears Are in Tents... I Mean Intense

bears camping puns tacos - 8229427712
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How Was This Even Possible?

wtf summer camping idiots funny - 8185185536
By Unknown

Go in Style, Go in a Submarine

camping funny style x files submarine winter - 7975384832
By Unknown

This Must Be What Everyone is Using in Call of Duty

call of duty camping first-person shooters - 7948794368
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