Nothing like camping in the great outdoors. Since most kids have never pitched a tent, lit a fire without chemicals, or spent a night out in the woods without a smartphone and Fortnite. So get back to your roots with some homey and hilarious camping puns.

There Are Hungry Bears Out There

camping coffee IRL pedobear sign Starbucks - 5121150976
Created by -Ghost-

Sunday Bunday: Don't Forget the Marshmallows

camping moon sunday bunday what an ass - 5029056256
Created by Unknown

Dear Jesus That's Not Safe

attack axe camping hat Impending Doom - 4921542400
Created by Unknown

Sunday Bunday: Check Out This Tree

booty camping moon nature tree what an ass - 4829139968
Created by Unknown

Old School Friday: Daaaaad

camping dad family portrait kids - 4678520320
Created by Unknown

Sleeping Bag Acquired

camping comics Metroid Rage Comics samus - 4675548160


camping counterstrike Rage Comics - 4624668672
Created by Unknown


camping dude homophones in intense literalism reaction similar sounding tents trip - 4532348672
Created by Unknown


angry camping soldier wtf - 4426094848
See all captions Created by foxaleto13

Paranoid Parrot: Camping

camping night Paranoid Parrot - 4358483712
See all captions Created by emcat

Premature Pitched Tents

camping condoms drunk Omegle sexytime - 4266306560
Created by DBSean


Babies camping Hall of Fame hospital just-kidding-relax pedobear Terrifying - 3885643776
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attack axe camping Impending Doom run away - 3717236736
Created by Unknown


bear camping Forest tents wood - 3489099520
Created by Unknown


camping shakespeare tent - 3469938688
Created by Unknown


camping family hilarious snuggie - 2937304832
Created by Unknown