Funny Tumblr post about the weird nuances of Tracy, California Person - queencatradora lesbianwisdom bad or good did say awe Imao then hygienist and assistant alll came over look too and they were like wooooow" and my ass sitting there like S CE WEER Weny

Story About A Sketchy-Ass Town, A Retainer, And A Bunch Of Homicides Is A WILD Ride

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Coachella memes and tweets and funny pictures

14 Hater Coachella Memes That'll Help Your Inner Basic Shine Through

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kim k becoming a lawyer

Kim K Just Announced That She Wants To Be A Lawyer And Twitter Is Pretty Shook Over It

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Thanks Cloakman!

Neighborhood sign that warns people about "Cloakman," imitating a neighborhood crime watch sign
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Funny meme about living in LA.
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Funny Coachella poster parodies.

These Coachella Poster Parodies Are Better Than The Real Thing

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fresh prince memes

30+ 'Fresh Prince' Gems That'll Flip Your Life Upside-Down

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Funny gems from Overheard in San Francisco.

30 Ridiculous Gems From Overheard In San Francsico

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Funny quotes from Overheard in San Francisco.

25 Hilarious Quips From Overheard In San Francisco

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dogs racism california weed - 6039301

Meet Permit Patty, The Newest White Lady Getting Meme'd For Calling The Cops On An Eight-Year-Old Black Girl

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It's funny cuz it's true

Funny dank meme about people from LA
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Collection of funny memes

Lunch Break: 25 Random Memes to Get You Over the Midday Hump

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Take That!

Funny meme that is making fun of California for not having enough water.
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Everybody Hates Carl

MEme about the name Carlsbad in California, funny, says that is what you name a city if you hate Carls.
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water vine california drought - 74294529

There's a New Kind of Dealer in California

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You Thirsty?

funny memes in n out vs water