At Least You Can Admit It?

image cake apology At Least You Can Admit It?
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There's a Difference!

magma lava cake There's a Difference!
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Some Folks Say the Best Medicine Is Laughter

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Puns are Just One of Many Perks of the Dark Side

cake star wars puns - 8762088960
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Bakery Workers are Getting Tired of Your Bad Jokes

cake birthday rude - 8759049728
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If You Don't Know How Old They're Turning, You Might Be Color-Blind

cake candy color blind - 8759050240
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cake Super Mario bros Video win - 77889793

Incredible Cake Plays the First Level of Super Mario Bros in Stop Motion

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John is Constantly Trying to Do the Math on This One

math web comics cake John is Constantly Trying to Do the Math on This One
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Netflix and Cake

funny memes netflix and chill cake
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How to Welcome a New Employee

cake office pranks - 7688924928
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Are You Hungry Now?

cake mindwarp gifs watermelon - 8554798592

You Know 'Bundt Cake?' Well Here's a "Grunt Cake!"


Let 'er Eat Cake!

cake Star Trek - 8493007872
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Cake Batter

cake taste poker face - 8544736000
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Do It Inside My Belly

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cake hilarious wtf - 5642527232
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