Tweets and reactions to the fact tthat Neil Patrick Harris had a party and served a cake in the shape of Amy Winehouse's corpse

So, Neil Patrick Harris Might Be a Really Bad Guy

This is seriously messed up.
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Firm Cake with Inexplicably "Homophobic" Fondant has a Dramatic Saga and Goes Viral on TikTok

Firm Cake with Inexplicably "Homophobic" Fondant has a Dramatic Saga and Goes Viral on TikTok

Viewers are hooked to the tragic journey of this basic grocery store cake—it went from celebrating the firm cake to DEATH of the dessert.
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Snarky Bakery Owner Loses It After Being Reported For Using 'Illegal Sprinkles'

Apparently we've been living the good life here in the United States and we didn't even know it. No, we're not referring to healthcare. We're talkin' sprinkles. Colorful specks of sugar that adorn everything from ice cream cones to a doughnuts. Apparently in the United Kingdom , American sprinkles are illegal as they contain food colorings found to cause thyroid problems and hyperactivity in children. The FDA doesn't find the same warning necessary. That's probably because more hyperactivity =…
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People Charmed By Spider-Man Cake Topper Doing Some Heavy Lifting

Everybody knows that cake is one of the things that makes a birthday a birthday. If life insurance ads are anything to go by, there’s nothing like those cherished childhood memories of family members singing to you as you blow out the candles. Should anything get in the way of that, it is of course an unmitigated disaster — so when @KahbeloMohlah02 ’s son’s tiered birthday cake started to slip, he was lucky to have a helper to keep it from disintegrating completely. Thank you Spiderman for savi…
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Funny meme about cake container betraying someone sneaking food at 2am, meme from mulan
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Weird Kinda ASMR

Funny Twitter meme about the very distinct sound the plastic lid on a store-bought cake makes | EliteTweetThief The whole world can hear you trying to open this late at night Dak RidicuIousDak I can hear this picture
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These Cake-Cutting Memes All About Copping The Eff Out

These Cake-Cutting Memes Are All About Copping The Eff Out

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Few Consider This

Caption that reads, "As an 'adult' I always forget that I can buy a cake whenever I want and no one can stop me" above a pic of a chocolate cake
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Pretty OK With This Future

Funny meme about netflix, murder shows and baking shows.
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Pic of a piece of cake where the some of the text got cut off and the rest reads, "Ha fat;" snapchat overlay reads, "I was handed this piece of cake today..."
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Marie Antoinette Wasn't Wrong

Funny meme about eating cake as an adult no matter the occasion.
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This Would Work

Funny meme about cake making people talk.
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Funny times expectations did not meet reality.

19 Times Expectations Completely Missed Reality

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Pic of a slice of cake cut so that it says, "Ha fat" over a caption that reads, "I was handed this piece of cake today..."
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C'mon Teachers, We're Waiting!

Student gave the teacher an anniversary cake after three months passed and the essays still hadn't been graded

Shots Fired

funny meme about dj khaled, cake.
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