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Fast Food Chains Are Throwing Major Shade At IHOP's Name Change

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Wendy's Delivering That Spicy Sauce Once Again!

Wendy's disses Ihop by saying that they aren't worried about their burgers being better since they thought pancakes were 'too hard'
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Funny twitter reactions to International house of pancakes (ihop) changing name to ihob.

IHOb Just Revealed What The 'B' Stands For And Nobody's Into It

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Funny tweets and reactions to Ihop changing name to Ihob, janice dean, fox and friends.

IHOP Just Changed Its Name And The Internet Is Freaking Out

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Funny memes about food, weed, 4/20.

30 Food Memes To Satisfy Your 4/20 Munchies

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A Big Bundle of 21 Burger Memes to Satisfy Your Hunger

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Collection of funny memes about work, drinking ,dogs, jobs, dating, animals, money, food, pizza, burgers, alcohol.

37 Funny Memes To Help You Over The Hump

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Collection of funny bob's burgers memes and moments in celebration of international burger day.

Celebrate International Burger Day With A Big 'Bob's Burgers' Dump

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Collection of random and funny memes about work, kardashians, scott disick, lady gaga, game of therones, fashion, dating, relationships, women, animals, food, cats.

Rev Up Your Day With 35 Amusing Memes

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Kink We Can Get Behind

Funny meme with a ballgag that uses a cheeseburger as the ball.
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When Five Guys Planned Their Big 'Ol Franchise

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FAIL the internets McDonald's social media burgers - 870405

McDonald's Asked People to Invent Their Own Burgers Because Apparently They've Never Been on the Internet Before

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The Internet Showed Their Sympathy With Memes When Only One of Pawpaw's Grandkids Came Over for Burgers

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If You Insist *Unzips*

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Dark Days Ahead: Burger King Wants to Make a McWhopper With McDonald's in the Name of Peace

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Social Media in Real Life

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