Funny meme showing a guy eating a burger, depicting small children under age 3 eating small parts
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Funny memes about McDonald's Sprite

14 Crispy Memes About How McDonald's Sprite Just Hits...Differently

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Do Not F*ck With Linda Belcher

Funny 'Bob's Burgers' meme that says, "Bob is dead"
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stupid memes greasy burger McDonald's dumb memes funny memes delicious burger king fast food hamburger - 8381701

14 Deliciously Dumb Burger Memes For The Greasy Fiends

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Fast food horror stories, reddit, mcdonald's, wendy's, burger king, arby's.

21 Fast Food Workers Share Grisly Items They'd Never Get Caught Ordering

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Def Can't Have Both

Tweet that reads, "Men: I want a girl who can drink as many beers as me and orders a burger and fries instead of salad; Also men: She can't be fat though lol"
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Funny Tom and Jerry meme, tom shooting himself.

'Tom Shooting Himself' Is A Meme Everyone Can Understand

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memes about burgers

A Big Bundle of 21 Burger Memes to Satisfy Your Hunger

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That's How to Be Content

burger happiness image - 8994447104
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burger 90s Video - 80301313

This 90s Talk Show Segment Is Proof That People Were Watching Weird Videos Way Before the Internet

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Food Monstrosity of The Day: Canada Has a Burger Stuffed With Reese's

Food Monstrosity of The Day: Canada Has a Burger Stuffed With Reese's
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burger hilarious puppy sign wtf - 5874014208
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Fast Food Rage

burger drive thru fast food McDonald's - 6525174784
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burger omg - 4372532480
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burger Okay mom - 6525759744
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Both Tiny and Delicious

wtf burger plankton funny - 8241274624
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