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Dude Tries To Bring His Own Burgers To a Vegan Dinner Party

Talk about a bold party guest
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Burger-Lovers Weigh In on Things That Can Instantly Ruin a Hamburger

In my humble opinion, the best burger in the world is some variation of George Motz's Oklahoma fried onion smash burger. It's pretty simple. Oil and heat your skillet. Place a ball of 80/20 ground beef in the skillet and season with salt. Add a handful of finely sliced white onions on top of your ball. Smash the onions and beef into a thin patty and then leave it alone . Wait until the frilly edges go brown. Flip the patty. Lay a single slice of bullshit cheese on top (you know, those pre-wrapp…
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Woman Gets Cooked for Walking Out on Date After He Refuses to Pay Extra for Burger Cheese

$3 for a Kraft single though
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Explain Like I'm 35: What is Onika Burger? (March 12, 2023)

Barbz rule the internet
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A compilation of memes about food and eating

Food Memes That Are Both Silly and Succulent

Do y'all remember when the concept of bacon was the biggest meme in the world? 2012 was truly a time to be alive: A time when memes were so simple that a popular food could dominate the landscape of popular memes for over a year. Now don't get me wrong, I like bacon. It's the only meat that I would miss if I followed the dietary restrictions put forth by the Old Testament. That being said, even as a meme-obsessed teen, I found the bacon thing to be a bit much. The bacon meme extended far beyond…
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A compilation of delicious and fun food memes

Food Memes For The Hungry

Food, Glorious Food!
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Foodies Get Heated Over What Makes A Good Burger

It's more complicated than you think
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Funny memes and pictures of Burger King | CNN Live TV Conservative 'Moms' group slams Burger King using d-word commercial By Eric Levenson, Conservative group slams Burger King cursing ad Activist conservative group One Million Moms is taking aim at Burger King using calls d-word commercial promoting non-meat Impossible Whopper ad group people taste-test plant-based patty has been hit fast-food company. With mouthful food, one man says Damn good

Burger King Memes And Pics Straight From The Wild West Of Fast Food

Have it your way.
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Funny meme showing a guy eating a burger, depicting small children under age 3 eating small parts
Via ManitySanity
Funny memes about McDonald's Sprite

14 Crispy Memes About How McDonald's Sprite Just Hits...Differently

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Do Not F*ck With Linda Belcher

Funny 'Bob's Burgers' meme that says, "Bob is dead"
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14 Deliciously Dumb Burger Memes For The Greasy Fiends

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21 Fast Food Workers Share Grisly Items They'd Never Get Caught Ordering

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Def Can't Have Both

Tweet that reads, "Men: I want a girl who can drink as many beers as me and orders a burger and fries instead of salad; Also men: She can't be fat though lol"
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Funny Tom and Jerry meme, tom shooting himself.

'Tom Shooting Himself' Is A Meme Everyone Can Understand

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memes about burgers

A Big Bundle of 21 Burger Memes to Satisfy Your Hunger

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