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A Prank Caller Tricked These Burger King Employees Into Kicking out All the Store's Windows

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Shots Fired

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You Can't Have It Your Way, Wendy

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Spooky Poop of the Day: Burger King's Black Burger Turns Your Feces Green and Now We Know Why

Gizmodo found out why Burger King's black burger turns your poop green.
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Get Whopped, Fools!

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Dark Days Ahead: Burger King Wants to Make a McWhopper With McDonald's in the Name of Peace

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A Burger and a King Got Married, and Now BK is Paying for the Whole Wedding

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You Work for Burger King, But Your Name Is...

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Who Needs Wine/Food Pairings When You Have This!


Have Fun With Him, Losers!


Even They Can't Condone Their Own Food

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Shots Fired

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Aggressive Advertising

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Spotted at a Denver Burger King

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Screw Waking Up With the King, Wake Up With the LORD

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Your Extra Large Delivery of Freedom is Here!

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