Pure Genius

building genius kids playground - 6595780864
Created by tamaleknight

He Picked Himself Up by His Clawstraps

bare bear building double meaning hands homophone literalism - 6567777536
Via Reddit

You Did What Now?

building country dnc you-didnt-build-that - 6566094080

I Just Hope I Don't Find Them With my Feet

building lost Pie Chart toys - 6541925120
Created by curtisgator523

There's Something Fishy About That Building

art building fishy - 6531309312
Created by LolhunterD

Just Saying

building election 2012 GOP government irony rnc - 6535071488
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He's Just On Edge Because Michelle Took Away His Legos

barack obama building derp kid legos you-didnt-build-that - 6469235200
See all captions Created by dustymartin29


building design hilarious parkour - 6504749824
Created by Atrain31204

What a Crazy Weekend

awesome beer best of week building Party wtf - 6510838528

Ten Bucks Says It's a Government Building

building FAIL genius Memes nazi - 6460210176
Created by Unknown

Burj al-Arab Totally Looks Like Head & Shoulders Bottle

building funny TLL - 6412414208
Created by skank_anansi

Lighthouses Can Be Awesome

awesome building wtf - 5814344960
Created by Bunnybrinkles

IKEA Has Everything

building ikea science - 6398882304
Created by LOLdogexpert ( Via College Humor )

Only Took Me Nine Hours to Build!

building Close Enough minecraft video games - 6387009280
Created by Euphoria112

The Louis Vuitton Building Totally Looks Like A Sandcrawler

building funny Movie star wars TLL - 6299391744
Created by Dexzeitgeist


building float hilarious SOON - 5477509632
Created by meganeguard