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'I only leave my apartment the aesthetic way': Entitled Woman Gets Roasted After Making Uber Driver Wait

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Minecraft Memes For Children That Yearn For The Mines

On September 30th, 2022, a prophetic tweet was sent into the world. This tweet fundamentally understood children better than any psychiatrist or socialist ever could. That tweet goes as follows: “In 1920 we took children out of the coal mines. In 2020, the most popular video game on the market is minecraft. The children yearn for the mines” - @_patryc_ Minecraft is a game that has roused the attention of children for over ten years. I remember when I was a tween, my friends were obsessed with m…
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Kids Amuse Twitter by Creating 'Children's Rights Society' in Their Apartment Block

They're going places
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Dude Gets Dunked On For Proposing Housing Developers Start Building Underground

Who needs windows?
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25+ Impressive Instances Of DIY That Tow The Fine Line Between Genius And Madness

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Funny meme showing a guy eating a burger, depicting small children under age 3 eating small parts
Via ManitySanity


Caption that reads, "Where the f*ck is this thing taking me" above a pic of the inside of an elevator; screen reads, "UwU"
Via Kittyfishbones
Collection of evil looking buildings from Reddit.

Reddit's 'Evil Buildings' Is A Treasure Trove Of Villainous Lairs

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When a Design Goes Down the Toilet

When the design of a building goes down the toilet
Via Mashable

Rome Wasn't Built in a Day

Via toonhole

Drop It Like It's Hot

Via Bing


FAIL car building win - 4458030080
See all captions Created by agilityelf


building clever girl sharks Terrifying wtf - 3988685568
See all captions Created by eric112200

A Wall of Awesome

art awesome building wall wtf - 6341424896
Created by sixonefive72

In Lego Russia, Building destroys Godzillas

building lego Soviet Russia wtf - 5202909184
Created by McMosfet

Nope, I'm Leaving

scary wtf creepy building funny - 8447707648
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