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Fans React to Reports of Taylor Swift's Breakup With Joe Alwyn

Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn have reportedly ended their long-time relationship. It goes without saying, but Swifties aren’t taking this well. Fans have been in a state of emergency; speculating, mourning, theorizing, and just losing their minds in general. Now, the high-profile split isn’t official yet. A source close to the couple claims that an amicable, no-drama breakup between the two took place a few weeks ago. Neither Swift nor Alwyn have confirmed this firsthand. That being said, we’re ta…
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Woman Leaves Boyfriend After Violent Outburst During the Tubi Super Bowl Commercial

She dodged a bullet
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Musicians Are Making Their Own Versions of Midwest Emo Song Intros and the Results Are Incredibly Nostalgic

Top 10 Best Emo Intros: Musicians Are Making Their Own Versions of Midwest Emo Song Intros and the Results Are Incredibly Nostalgic

It's not just a phase, Mom
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Cringey Friendship Breakup Gets Roasted For HR-Esque Delivery

Why are so many young people suddenly talking like weird therapists? There have been countless memes throughout the past couple of years about how strange and unnatural “therapy talk” is transforming the way we talk to our friends. It seemed to all start with the mass misusing of the term “emotional labor." Originally, this phrase referred to the labor customer service workers had to do to present a persistently happy
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Guy tells his twin sister to never contact him again after he catches her with hanging out with his ex.

Betrayed Twin Disowns His Twin Sister When She Stays Close Friends With His Cheating Ex-Fiancée

This guy is: Ice. Farking. Cold.
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Twitter users roast video of psychologist trying to tell people how they should break up with their friends, friendship advice

'Here's How You Break Up With A Friend': Cringey Instructional Video Roasted By Humans With Actual Souls

In my 30-odd years of life, none of my romantic breakups have affected me quite like when I felt the pain of a friendship breakup. While it was not my fault (trust me), losing Magda and Molly (names changed for privacy) was probably the hardest experience of my life. It's true that people grow apart, but the sudden break in what was once a beautiful and meaningful relationship is always jarring. There really isn't a good rulebook for how to deal with the situation, but that doesn't stop TikToke…
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couples therapy, red flag, toxic relationships, relationships, ask reddit, therapy, couples counseling, marriage, family, advice, relationship advice, divorce, breakup, comments, toxic, psychology | threerottenbranches 2d 3 1 Award Contempt experience true contempt one relationship know is usually over. Look towards peaceful ending at point if possible. Reply 23.7k belovetoday 2d 1 Award Ah, contempt one Dr. John Gottman's 4 horsemen predictors divorce. Along with: Criticism, Stonewalling and

Couples Counselors Share What Toxic Relationships Really Look Like

Relationship problems that set off red flags
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Best Situationship Memes That Understand the Pain of "What Are We?"

It's excruciating
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comedian makes a funny mnemonic device that actually ends being very helpful

'Our first letter B for Breakup': Woman hilariously creates acronym to determine if you’re stable enough to get bangs, internet actually finds it super handy

"Does a loved one keep threatening to get bangs, but you don't know how to tell them that they shouldn't? Send them this helpful video..."
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Twitter Reacts to Leonardo DiCaprio Breaking Up with 25 Year Old Girlfriend

Like clockwork
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Rich and Entitled Mom Shames Son's Blue-Collar Girlfriend Before Family Trip, GF Ditches Them On the Spot

Entitled rich people who treat others like garbage just because they make less money are some of the worst people on the planet. When redditor u/NoTGoingThank was invited to go to Cabo with her boyfriend's family , she didn't expect to get cruelly singled out for her blue-collar background. Luckily, a kind stranger gave OP the encouragement she needed to break off the toxic relationship . She really dodged a bullet.
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Girl shares evil, cruel texts from guy who rejected her in text messages

Woman Shares Cruel Text Message Rejection, Garners Sympathy From the Internet

Being rejected by a partner (or potential partner) is never fun. Neither is rejecting someone. But as actions go, there's definitely a right way and a wrong way to let a person down. The right way involves honestly, empathy, and hopefully meeting in person - or at least a somber phone call. Even “It's not you, it's me” is an acceptable theme, as it's a situation that often rings true when a relationship simply doesn't click. So while there are a number of considerate ways to tell someone that y…
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Couple Breaks Up After Guy Refuses to Let GF Attend Wedding in 'Gay Rat' Meme Dress

There are a handful of unspoken rules for proper wedding etiquette that are mostly just common sense. Don't show up too late or too early. Don't bring a plus-one unless you were offered one. Don't be the most wasted guest at the wedding . Don't make an impromptu speech. And perhaps the biggest faux pas of all—don't wear white. This is probably an out-dated rule, as many modern brides and grooms opt out of the traditional wedding-wear these days, but the intent of the rule still stands. No one s…
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Reddit Drags Creepy Guy for Hiding in Girlfriend's Closet to Spy on Her

Your girlfriend starts acting distant and you sense that there's something she's not telling you. What do you do? Do you communicate your feelings in a vulnerable and non-aggressive way, or do you hide in her closet like a lunatic and spy on her? Obviously, any human being with an ounce of empathy would go with the former. Not so for one desperate redditor. Not only did he get caught creepily spying on his girlfriend and her friends like a serial killer, he had the nerve to turn to Reddit and as
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breakup memes, dumping memes, relationship memes | Person -  see replacement and realize they've downgraded ante pa atuxting W Ceelebs | Person -  end things properly Couples costume idea us Those two don't go together Neither do Eric Good bye Wtf @MasiPopal

Breakup Memes For The Newly Single

Good riddance.
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Cringe: Girl Gets Giant Tattoo of Boyfriend's Name Just One Week Before Breakup

Some things are universally considered bad ideas. Dating a coworker. Eating certain foods on a date. Drunk texting an ex. And, of course, tattooing a partner's name to one's body. TikToker @..ashlyn.grace didn't seem to get the memo on that last one, and made a very, very large and very permanent mistake that goes all down her back. YALL- Okay so the video before said that “I got a tattoo of my exes name and we broke up in a week” YALL. PLEASE — jordy (@BROCKSQUADD) O…
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