True Companions

star wars solo chewy chewbacca brand cup Han Solo cookies - 7101942016
Created by Unknown

He's the Best Person to Call for Any of Your Bounty Hunting Needs

bounty brand boba fett - 7067176192
Via Jason Heller

I Find This Pun to Be a Bit Dull

pencil brand good point - 7009777408
Created by Caitlin

Schindler's Lift

Movie steven spielberg literalism brand schindler double meaning - 6765673728
Created by LouisaJThomas

Brand Flakes, to Help Keep You Visually Regular

similar sounding literalism brand cereal - 6763365632
Created by acontestwinner

Oh Lord, Gurrrrrrrl

trolling literalism brand facebook troll double meaning juice name - 6739560448
Created by LadyShirahime93

But Have You Invoked the Right of Parlay?

brand car disney double meaning literalism model Pirates of the Caribbean quote - 6614611200
Created by Hazy

These Two Look Quite Foxy in Their New Ride

advice brand car cool double meaning literalism rap sunglasses type - 6591948032
Via Liz Climo

Does What it Says on the Label

brand double meaning literalism misinterpretation name turtle - 6565983232
Created by xyzpdq1 ( Via Cracked )

Taylor Swift Driving Down the Highway

brand double meaning literalism name semi taylor swift - 6548458240
Created by tonis

They're Both Clearly Over the Moon

brand detergent double meaning high laundry detergent literalism shoop tide tides - 6538190080
Via Punblr

When Life Gives You Lemons

adage brand cereal double meaning lemons life literalism name - 6533008384
Via Punblr

A Case of the Mondays

brand literalism jo38ma3 - 6511788544
Created by xyzpdq1

And Here You Thought We Were Washed Up!

brand double meaning Hall of Fame idiom laundry laundry detergent literalism tides turned - 6491689728
Via Pleated Jeans

Not Quite a MacBook, But...

apple brand computer double meaning Hall of Fame literalism - 6475334656
Created by Shelley ( Via *C*FP )


advertisement advertising brand double meaning Hall of Fame literalism slogan win - 6470476288
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