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'You have to be a real supervillain to defend this company': Influencer Gets Slammed For PR Trip to Shein Factory in China

Nothing to see here
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Southwest Airlines Catches Flak for Impromptu Passenger Ukulele Lesson

Welcome to hell
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Dude Provides Fascinating Explanation About Why Doritos Are So Addictive

There's a lot going on
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Deranged Memes & Tweets About The Future Of American Girl Dolls

They're not so innocent
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Brand Strategist Reveals How Grocery Stores Practice Subconscious Marketing

It's clever
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Condiment-Based Neighborly Feud Starts War On Ketchup And Brand Snobs

That escalated quickly
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People React to the Green M&M's New Look With Crass Jokes & Memes

They de-yassified the green M&M
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Thread Humorously Defines Yankee Candle's Stages of Abstraction

Who knew semiotics could be funny
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Strange, Literal And Clever Brand Logo Edits That Improve The Originals

Silence, brand.
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20+ Off-brands That Are Actually Kinda Cool

10/10 for creativity.
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17 Amusing Times Customers Were Let Down By Dishonest Advertising | short flamingo dress for people without a torso | Magic heat sensitive mug smiley face stuck between hot and cold

Disappointing Times People Were Victims Of Dishonest Advertising

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Funny dank memes about corporations during Pride month | Chris Stedman @ChrisDStedman Brands learning there won't be any pride festivals this summer IES LATER HOMO H sapiens (modern hum | Companies trying decide market their brands June 2020 allanthuseslumberers BLACK LIVES EMA Pride SSTAY CHOMEW MATTER 10 SPREAD CERONVIRUS

Pride Memes That Make Fun Of Our Cringey Corporate Overlords

They just care so much about us...
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Funny video parodies brands' commercials during the pandemic

Commercial Mocks Brands And Their Money-Grubbing BS During Pandemic

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Funny brand logos that reflect social distancing | Starbucks mermaid logo wearing a face mask | Corona beer Need new name. Extra

Brands Are Changing Their Logos To Reflect Social Distancing Measures

Can brands just chill for five seconds?
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Funny memes and tweets from the Slim Jim Instagram account | Person - B slimjim ALIEN GANG Jim after airdropping long boi memes about clapping thicc alien cheeks everyone on line at gas station Liked by tindervsreality and 44,418 others slimjim making difference SOON View all 816 comments dr doofnsmurtz Is this actual slim Jim page or meme acC slimjim @dr_doofns_nigga yes 6 days ago

'Slim Jim' Is Winning The Internet With Its Impeccable Instagram Game

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Crass Move of the Day: Here Are Five Brands Trying to Take Advantage of 9/11 for Sales

911 bad idea brand twitter - 8315686400
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