Breaking Bad meme that reads, "When you take your friend to the bar for his birthday and he says he's good after one shot" - "We're done when I say we're done"
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Good Guy Zucc

pics birthday Memes facebook funny Mark Zuckerberg - 9150470656
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Happy Birthday To Tu Youyou

Funny meme about singing happy birthday to chinese scientist tu youyou.
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That's What Friends Are For

Funny meme about birthday cake where they call him dick but his real name is matt.
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I Have No Idea What I'm Doing

Dog looking clueless in front of a birthday cake
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Funny meme where someone asks their friend to hang out they say they can't because it's their dog's birthday, photo of a dog in a party hat.
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birthday bob ross win - 1497605

Twitter Is Overcome With Love For This Amazing Bob Ross-Themed Birthday Party

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twitter birthday barrack obama reactions joe biden politics - 1170693

Barrack Obama Wishes Joe Biden Happy Birthday on Twitter, and the World Can't Even Handle It

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Happy... You Know The Rest By Now

image birthday apathy Happy... You Know The Rest By Now
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So Sweet

web comics facebook birthdays So Sweet
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Just Get Me Out of Here

FAIL kids birthday - 8821371136
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birthday Video Game Coverage video games nintendo - 839941

Celebrate Nintendo-64's 20th Birthday With These Unforgettable Gamechangers

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Finish Her!

twitter Mortal Kombat birthday girlfriend dating - 8805123328
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What Are the Chances!?!

memes birthday meme stoner image - 8803953664
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birthday parody bryan cranston Video - 80270593

It's Bryan Cranston's Time to Shine on His Super Sweet 60

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Better Than Saying "Happy Birthday to You Too!"

image monkey birthday Better Than Saying "Happy Birthday to You Too!"
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