Twitter thread about billionaires and where they got their wealth from

Dude Explains On Twitter That Billionaires' Humble 'Garage Stories' Are All A Bunch Of BS

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reactions to kylie jenner being named a self made billionaire

Kylie Jenner Was Just Named Youngest 'Self-Made' Billionaire And People Have Some THOUGHTS

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dank memes about elon musk and everything he stands for

14 Fresh 'N' Dank Elon Musk Memes In Honor Of The World's Most Meme-able Billionaire

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Jeff Bezos' Divorce Drama Is Inspiring Memes And Tweets That Are Spicier Than Curry

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14 Amazon Memes Just In Time For The HQ2 Announcement

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I'm Scared Of Cute Little Puppies

Tweet that reads, "You attract what you fear;" someone replies, "Omg I'm so scared of $10 billion"
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funny memes roasting kylie jenner

17 Kylie Jenner Memes That Take Roasts To A New Level

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This Is The Onion...Right?

Headline that reads, "Kylie Jenner set to be the youngest-ever self-made billionaire" over a picture of Mike Meyers using air quotes
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How is He Going to Fight Crime on a Journalist's Salary?

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