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Caption that reads, "Things I don't understand - venn diagrams" above a pic of a Venn diagram that's been made completely incorrectly
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Tinder Study With Or Without A Beard

Guy Conducts Hilariously Comprehensive Tinder Study To Find Out If Women Prefer Him With Or Without A Beard

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Funny charts and graphs about daily struggles, love, uber, tinder, dating. Everything drawn on White board by Matt Shirley.

18 Hilariously Accurate Nuggets Of Whiteboard Wisdom

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all I wanted was to make a simple flowchart but then I fell down the rabbit hole

Bar Graph - 8985463808
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Planets in our Solar System vs. How much they are made fun of

always Bar Graph jokes never planets - 3394459392
Created by BigRedRage11

Things You Should Know When You're Moving Dead Body Parts

Bar Graph garbage - 7910209792
Created by hannah.hadelman

Make-up of the Rock Hand by Finger

Bar Graph hand Music rock - 3328336896
Created by Jdrake31

Bar Graph innuendo toy story - 3890480896
Created by Brown

What time I plan to get up vs. What time my 3-year-old son wakes up

Bar Graph child morning parents school sleep wake up - 2599784704
Created by jksterup

Malignant? Moronic? Mediocre?

Bar Graph mtv Music television - 4821456384
Created by Ninja_Beefcake

Likelihood of Being Splashed

Bar Graph pool pooping splash toliet - 6304346368
Created by Unknown

The Saddest

Sad Bar Graph - 6906713600
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When You Think You Will Get Attacked By A Shark

attack Bar Graph die shark shark week water - 2499558656
Created by thatchergleason

Days of Being Sick

Bar Graph day hate school sick - 3310059264
Created by pandabear110

How Dull Is Too Dull?

Bar Graph cutlery razor - 4800212480
Created by partlycloudyholiday

Who Buys CDs Anymore?

Bar Graph Music piracy retail - 5356283904
Created by SuckOnThis
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