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Even if it Was at 50% a Minute Ago

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By CrazyCalvinWilliams

Now Let's Do One For Stomachs

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By Regrubezeehc

An Unfortunately True Story

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By ninjadogs

A Lesson I Should Have Learned Last Semester

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By captainmeemo

Pizza Requests Vs What People Actually Eat

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By Mrelia

Hallmark Movies

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By Lis (Via

How Soon Until We're Giving Them to Newborns?

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By Unknown

Happens Every Single Time

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By lol-twins

You're Set for Life... Or Are You?

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Via Coolness Graphed

What Are You Feeding That Thing?

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By BlackStar1480

But the Internet Has Never Lied to Me Before

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By sweetiesuicune1

Then Complain About How Hot It Is

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By godthefish

Why Would Someone Do That?

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Via Coolness Graphed

Accusations of Someone Giving You a Cold

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Via Bite

Classic: M.C. Escher Over Time

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By bbrucker2

Nothing Can Stop These Deals!

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By Unknown