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Funny meme about knights, twitter, tweet, puns.
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dinosaur memes

27 Pterrible Dinosaur Memes That Are Pure Dino-mite

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A Hearty Laugh Was Had By All

Text conversation where someone asks their friend if they've heard of Murphy's Law, then asks if they've heard of 'Cole's Law' making a joke about coleslaw
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My Two Moods

Pic of 'Daniel Boringcliffe' looking somber and 'Daniel Radcliffe' ready to party
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List of funny memes and comics, puns, wordplay.

30+ Memes And Comics That Are Overflowing With Cringetastic Puns

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Tweet that reads, "Hey nice try, people named Tristan. Or should I say Stan Stan Stan"
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Funny random memes perfect for Wednesday.

29 Amusing Memes To Spice Up Your Wednesday

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Chad Kroeger Is Happy

Panel meme of a woman shopping for something that costs 45 cents; the next image shows an unhappy 50 Cent, and the subsequent one shows Chad Kroeger giving a thumbs up
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Yeah This Is Getting Lame

Pic of a coffee mug with a world map on it and the caption, "Been watching the World Cup for days - still don't see what the excitment's all about"
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Funny pun memes from instagram account badtastebb.

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bad dad jokes for father's day

29 Awfully Cringey Dad Jokes Just In Time For Father's Day

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Monday Punday: 10 Clever Memes For The Pun Lovers

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