bad jokes

Bad jokes are the worst jokes that came full circle and became good jokes.

Would Watch

Funny meme about law and order.
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Funny and bad fake texts.

17 Fake Texts That Range From Hilarious To Cringey

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Funny twitter thread about Celine Dion's mixtape.

Celine Dion's Instagram Has Inspired An Amazing Explosion Of Hip-Hop Puns

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Funny, random memes.

29 Side-Splitting Memes To Help You Waste Your Time

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The Heartiest Of Chuckles Was Had

Basketball-themed group chat where someone asks if they want to hear a basketball joke, which is just "basketball"
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Tumblr joke that reads, "What rock group has four men that don't sing? Mount Rushmore"
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Funny pun memes from instagram account badtastebb.

16 Painfully Punny Memes That'll Get You Cringing

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funny meme about relationships, boyfriend who keeps pretending to be a detective.
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bad dad jokes for father's day

29 Awfully Cringey Dad Jokes Just In Time For Father's Day

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Snek Made A Silly

Photo of a snake with the caption, "I feel like this snake just told a bad joke and is waiting for a laugh"
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Define 'Unusual'

Funny meme with cop asking if someone has seen anything unusual, answer is a dolphin with a hat.
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Funny meme about james breakwell can opener cant opener.
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15 Pun-tastic Memes And Jokes That'll Make You Lose It

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Funny tumblr moments.

34 Tumblr Moments That'll Make You Laugh Or Shake Your Head

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Funny dad jokes bad jokes

20 Dad Jokes That'll Get Your Eyes Rolling

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Funny tumblr puns, awful tumblr puns, bad tumblr puns.

26 Punny Tumblr Posts That'll Make You Lose It

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