bad jokes

Bad jokes are the worst jokes that came full circle and became good jokes.

Har Har Har

Chart depicting gold, fool's gold and comedy gold, which is represented as "Holding the door open for a guy and saying 'Ladies first'"
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There Has To Be A Better Way

Tweet that reads, "Me: *Washing car with son;* Son: Dad, can't you just use a sponge?"
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Try Saying That Ten Times Fast

Caption that reads, "How many Lowe's would a Rob Lowe rob if a Rob Lowe could rob Lowe's?" above a headshot of Rob Lowe next to a pic of a Lowe's store
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What A Knee-Slapper!

Text conversation that reads, "Why does the Norway navy have bar codes on the sides of their ships? So when they come back to port they can Scandinavian"
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I'll Pass

An abbreviation on a box in a restaurant that reads, "41590 LOL BUTT MILK"
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A Hearty Laugh Was Had By All

Text conversation where someone asks their friend if they've heard of Murphy's Law, then asks if they've heard of 'Cole's Law' making a joke about coleslaw
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Sign that reads, "If women in Nepal prefer dogs, what can a cat man do?"
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Post that 'sums up the 90s' with an equation at the bottom adding up all of the years of the 90s, equaling 945'
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An Oldie But A Goldie

Pic of a street corner with a sign that says the corner is available; caption reads, "Oh look, your mom quit her job"
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My Two Moods

Pic of 'Daniel Boringcliffe' looking somber and 'Daniel Radcliffe' ready to party
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'Airplane' Jokes Will Never Get Old

Scene from the movie 'Airplane' where a woman asks a man if he's nervous, and if it's his first time; he replies that he is nervous, and that's he's been nervous many times before
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"If My Card Doesn't Swipe Does That Mean It's Free??"

Pic of a creepy-looking statue in a restaurant with a big smile under the caption, "When the customer's joke isn't funny but you got bills to pay"
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Ready For Battle With His Mighty Steed!

Pic of The Rock riding a chicken under the caption, "You've heard of Elf on the Shelf, now get ready for..."
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