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Reddit thread about a crazy boss who rants and raves about employees who have quit to his own employees

Bombastic Boss Has Huge Outburst After Employees Quit His Company

You can tell a lot about a workplace by how upper management speaks about people who have left the company. It's not too difficult to pick up on a boss struggling to maintain employees because of their poor management style. While it's normal to have a few wacko former employees, it's a red flag when every former employee is discussed with derision and disgust. I've only quit jobs a couple of times, but the reaction from management was very different. When I put my two weeks in while working at…
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Twitter user shares her expeirience with a weird non profit organization that does not allow applicants to negotiate because it

Weird Company Bans Salary Negotiation Because It 'Benefits People With Privilege'

Salary negotiation is one of the most challenging parts of getting a new job. It can feel tough to assert yourself and fight for what you're worth, especially when the company is lowballing you. If you can stand your ground for a better salary, it can significantly help your career and your quality of life in the long run. Unfortunately, not all companies are open to negotiating salaries, even from candidates with excellent experience. Still, companies that aren't the most accepting of negotiat…
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A list of posts to a Reddit thread divulging the worst things their bosses have ever said to them.

Workers Share The Worst Things Terrible Bosses Have Ever Said To Them

Employment can be a real piece of work. Being the underling of your boss can go sour quickly. As anyone in the workforce knows, employers are often more than willing to take advantage of their employees because they think they can get away with it. Horrible bosses believe they can squeeze the life out of their workers and continue doing so because they don't think they will ever quit. Who among us hasn't had a boss who watches our every move, making you terrified of making one error to risk bei…
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Reddit thread about a dude who gets fired for showing up to his new job two minutes late

Dude Gets Sent Home For Showing Up to His New Job Two Minutes Late

Overreact much?
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A compilation of cringe and funny LinkedIn posts and memes about LinkedIn

Cringe LinkedIn Posts & Memes That Won't Help You Build Your Network

If you think Twitter's a hellsite, you've got a big storm coming
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Clueless Recruiter Rejects Technical Writer With 8 Years of Experience For Being "Too Inexperienced"

Clueless Recruiter Rejects Technical Writer With 8 Years of Experience For Being 'Too Inexperienced'

Applying for jobs is tough; every entry-level position wants 3-5 years of experience, which makes the distinction of “entry-level” an oxymoron. Most career coaches will tell you to apply for jobs you're inexperienced in anyways because, usually, the people writing the job ads set the bar higher than they need to draw in more qualified applicants. Luckily, as time progresses in your career, you become overly qualified for those measly entry-level positions and begin to move up in the world. No l…
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Funny text message exchange between dude and his boss, bad boss, independent contractor

Independent Contractor Shares the Joys of Saying 'No' to Uptight Managers

Nothing but respect for this guy
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Reddit story about a rude recruiter trying to schedule job interview during Christmastime

Rude Recruiter Tries To Schedule Job Interview During Christmastime

If there is one thing workers must be, it's protective of their time. If you're not, people will surely take advantage of it. Unfortunately, everybody is on different pages regarding what is normal to ask of someone. Is it normal for somebody to arrive to work an hour early and leave an hour late? Is it normal to only work during allotted hours and make no exceptions? What about being available at all times? Nobody knows! It's a weird game of 3D Chess that none of us are winning. This time of t…
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Reddit thread about a Dastardly Boss Banning Cashiers From Drinking Water On The Job

Dastardly Boss Bans Cashiers From Drinking Water On The Job

I never felt less like a human being than when I worked a customer service job . Something about always having to be productive, getting harassed by customers, and not being allowed to sit and catch a break really tears you down. Your needs are not being prioritized at all, and as a result, you're physically and mentally exhausted by the end of your shift. In situations like these, a manager can make or break your experience. At my old job, I was lucky enough to have managers that would stick u…
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A Reddit thread about the worst holiday Christmas gifts workers had ever been given

Workers Discuss The Worst Christmas Presents Their Company Ever Gave Them

From the time we were little, we were taught to be grateful for whatever gifts we were given during the holidays. Parents coach their children to say thank you no matter what present they get because doing anything else would be most unkind. However, as you grow up, you realize that some gifts are actually an insult. The mean girl in middle school didn't give you a Lady Speed Stick out of the kindness of her heart. Likewise, sometimes companies give gifts that are far more insulting than they a…
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TikTok about a cruel manager who fires tech employee in an unbelievably uncouth fashion

Cruel Manager Fires Tech Employee in an Unbelievably Uncouth Manner

I do not envy anyone who has to fire others. Letting somebody down easy is a skill I simply don't have. Every time I've broken up with someone, I have done it clunkily and a bit insensitively, which is really not ideal for delivering bad news . You need to tell the other person what's happening directly, but not too directly. You need to be empathetic first and informative second. You need to make sure they cry after you fire them instead of when they're in the room with you. It's a tricky bala…
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A compilation of memes about law and lawyers

Lawyer Memes For Real Life Elle Woods

Do you ever see somebody in your life going to law school and get genuinely worried that they're only doing it because they were inspired by Legally Blonde ? This has happened to me a non-zero number of times. I don't have these concerns because I don't think blonde women are capable of mastering the legal profession. However, after one too many Elle Woods quotes posted on their Instagram story while studying for the LSATs, I got a little concerned. Being a lawyer is really difficult. It's not…
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Reddit thread about a crazy toxic evil boss manager fires employee after going through her purse and finding a job application

Toxic Boss Looks Through Employees Purse, Fires Her After Finding Job Application

So many bosses want excessive access to their employees in manners that cross some boundaries. On the first day of my first restaurant job, I asked one of the assistant managers if I could leave at 9 PM since, on the schedule, my shift ended at 9 PM. He laughed at me, said, “it's good you didn't ask that when the manager was around,” and we continued working. At the time, I felt like such an idiot because I had never had a job before, so I assumed all jobs were like that. Now I just realize thi…
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Woman quits job because the vibes are off, inspires Twitter debate and differences of opinion

Woman Quits Job Because the 'Vibes Are Off,' Inspires Debate On the Etiquette of Quitting

I have only quit a job once in my life, and technically I was still training. I was thrown into the fire at a West Village seafood restaurant, which has since closed, and left to burn. At the time, the only bartending experience I had was pouring wine into the glasses of elderly customers. They decided to train be by having me be the sole bartender on a Friday night service. Needless to say, it didn't go well. I walked out. Despite my experience, it's pretty rare to hear about someone up and qu…
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A Reddit story about a horrible boss daring his employee to quit because he spends too much time on hobbies, he quits and pursues his hobby sucessfully

Rude Boss Tells Worker To Quit Because He Spends Too Much Time On Hobbies; Employee Listens And Pursues His Hobby

It's usually not easy to pursue your hobbies as a career. Most hobbies are hobbies for a reason, and that reason is that they're more fun to do than your job. Often, people work years and years to ever financially get into a position where they can leave their day job in pursuit of their hobbies. However, sometimes you get a golden opportunity to switch careers that you can't pass up. For Redditor u/the_anecdotist135 , this didn't come in the form of a competitive job offer or even a concrete o…
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A reddit story about the company treasurer withholding an employees check from October,

Treasurer Withholds Employees Check From October, Says He'll Get it in December

There's nothing worse than waiting to get paid by a shady corporation . When I worked at a restaurant during my senior year of high school, my boss told me that the clock-in system was broken. He told me not to worry and that he would ensure I got the time I worked during those shifts accounted for. I did as I was told and didn't clock in for about 5 or 6 shifts during the Christmas season. Little did I know that I would never see any of that money from those shifts. I don't know if my boss for…
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