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25 Baffling Design Choices Found in the Wild (February 18, 2024)

Dumb human moments
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25 Baffling Design Choices Found in the Wild (February 11, 2024)

One job…
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Rule Breaking Memes That Are Too Cool for School

Have you ever wanted to stick it to the man, but you’re too much of a coward to do anything that may have repercussions? Of course, you have! Same here. I’m about as cowardice and counterculture as you could imagine. Sometimes it’s fun to break the rules. Don’t remove the tag from the mattress? Don’t mind if I do. No running near the swimming pool? There’s a reason that rule is in place, so at most, I’m probably going to fast walk, but that’s still kind of close to running. There’s a certain fe…
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Bold and Risky Statements That Eventually Aged Like Milk

Hindsight is truly something
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Harrowing Stories of People Ruining Their Life in One Day

Life can change in an instant. Sometimes, you see tragic things coming from miles away. If a loved one is slowly succumbing to an illness, it might not hurt so much when they die because at least you had time to prepare for the inevitable emotionally. But when a death or a tragedy comes out of nowhere, the surprise of the occurrence can be extremely traumatic . You don't have to be a wreckless or clueless person to suffer in a horrible accident or have your life ruined instantly. These things c…
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Dumb & Awkward Things That Aged Terribly

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A Collection Of Amusing Images From People Who Just Gave Up

That'll do
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People Dunk On Terribly Designed Loft Apartment

It’s a rite of passage of moving into anywhere new. You unpack everything, get settled in and then realize that there are several annoying features to your new home that the real estate agents conveniently swept under the carpet. Whether you’re barely scraping rent or money is not an object, all of us have suffered from impractical interiors at some point. Even when you are lucky enough to find somewhere that could be your dream home, there are going to be issues that you have to learn to live …
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Distasteful Design Choices That Boggle The Mind And Rattle The Soul

This is not what I needed today.
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What's Credit For Anyway

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What a Pig

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John Oliver Introduces Some Great (and Some Terrible) Ideas for Things That Don't Exist Yet

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Fork Christ's Sake, Kevin!

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Feet Just Wanna Be Free

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Comiccon Downside

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