bad idea

Some People Have Faith in Their NCAA Teams. Others Have Faith AND Want to Carve That Into Their Skin.

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bad idea gator Terrifying wtf yikes - 6003683584
ouch skateboarding bad idea Video fail nation - 68303361

Let's Have a Drunk Mom Ride This Skateboard, What Could Go Wrong?

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bad idea Video - 69338881

Licking a Venus Fly Trap is Exactly as Dumb of an Idea as it Sounds Like

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When I Think About You

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I'm Always the Third Time

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Never a Good Idea

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Never Turn on the Water

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Another Real-Life GTA Scenario: Punching Cars and Getting Busted

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Ivory Soap + Microwave = Alien Birth

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A Reason Not to Steal

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Just Turn Around

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You Should Never Put Grapes in the Microwave Like This, but if You Do...

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Why Is the Water Yellow?

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Why Deep Frying Gnocchi is Never a Good Idea

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