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The Australian Hotel Will Name Parts of It After You

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I See What You Did There...

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Do You Have Crabs?

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Ex-Rugby Player Breaks Bicep in Arm Wrestling Challenge on Live Australian TV

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Presenting the World's Most Australian Exchange Between Two People

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Hooray for Australia

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This Australian Comedian Just Had His First and Last Gig All in One

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Reaction of Americans on me saying "I'm from Austria"

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Australian News Anchors, Everyone

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Ricky Gervais Put Absolutely Zero Effort Into This Australian Commercial

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Darth Vader vs. Dad

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This Australian Morning News Host Has a Hilarious, Innuendo-Filled Blunder Live

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Meanwhile in Australia

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On The Road in Australia

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We Will Never Forget the Great Australian Mongol Wars

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Now This is the Snapchat All About How My Life Got Flipped, Turned Upside Down