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A Reddit thread about a person who found out they're getting let go and want to make the process as awkward as possible for their boss.

Employee Finds Out They're About to Be Laid Off, Finds Best Ways To Make Their Employer Uncomfortable

There's nothing worse than getting laid off . Just kidding, there is something objectively worse than that: finding out you're getting laid off from an outside source days before it happens. Being terminated without pay is possibly worse than getting let go, but getting let go always feels somewhat slimy, especially when your department is seemingly cut for no reason. Getting laid off is like saying, “we'll give you a little unemployment as a treat.” It's seemingly innocuous, but it's just anot…
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Clever Cuss-Free Insults From the Poets of Reddit

A good insult is a beautiful thing, and anyone who has spent some time on Reddit knows that many patrons of the infamous website understand the art of the roast. One user recently asked the people of Reddit to share their favorite cuss word-free insults, and boy did r/AskReddit deliver. We've put together a collection of some of our favorite rude remarks from the entertaining thread.
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People discuss the jobs they think are the most useless jobs in the world

People Discuss The Most Useless Jobs In Existence

It is normal to ask yourself occasionally, “does my job contribute anything substantive to society?” When I worked as a security guard at my college's library, I would have to watch unattended items on the security camera to make sure they weren't stolen. After almost a year of working at these libraries and countless hours watching footage of unattended laptops sitting on a table, I never saw an item get stolen. Never! Not once! My watching it had no positive impact whatsoever. That really mad…
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A story about a crazy Karen who gets angry at a mother for explaining pregnancy to her young son

Delusional Karen Scolds Mother For Explaining Pregnancy To Her Son

Sex Education is one of those topics that some people have a challenging time breaching with their kids. My parents were never the kind of people to try to tell me some hogwash about a stork and a baby; They were not in the business of baloney. I don't remember the exact moment when I realized what sex was because it was more of a gradual conversation throughout many years and, therefore, not so shocking to me. The one thing I do remember about our most memorable birds and the bees talk is that…
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Some of the Funniest Ways to Harmlessly Mess With People

Everyone loves a good prank.
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People Talk About All the Reasons Why They Don't Want to Work

The real question is, who actually wants to work?
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Answers To An r/AskReddit Question Wondering What Things Movie Consistently Get Incorrect

People Share Things That Movies Consistently Get Incorrect

Did you guys know that movies and TV…are not real? Crazy, I know. It can be shocking and even harrowing to discover that screenwriters do not actually know the 411 on the industries they write about. Whether it be Chicago Fire, Chicago Med, Chicago P.D., Law and Order, Law and Order SVU, or even Grey's Anatomy , I can practically guarantee you that none of the writers of those shows have ever been a cop, firefighter, or doctor. Because of this lack of industry overlap, there are countless discr…
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A Reddit story about a male Karen boomer father-in-law getting angry at his son-in-law for tipping at a resturant

Male Karen Blows Up at Son-In Law For Tipping at a Restaurant

Anyone who has worked as a waiter knows that people who don't tip are the worst. In the United States, many waiters only get paid $2 hourly and, therefore, only survive on tips. Some restaurants don't even pay their servers an hourly wage. This is basically common knowledge at this point, so for most people, not tipping is simply out of the question. But there are always those people who get angry for the insistence that they tip. I find that these come from two camps. The first camp is Boomers…
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People Discuss the 'Conspiracy Theories' They Actually Believe

There are some pretty bonkers conspiracy theories out there that are only convincing if you're stoned enough, but unless you're living in blissful ignorance, there are probably more than a few things you're a little skeptical about. In a recent r/AskReddit thread about plausible conspiracy theories, incredulous people discuss all the things they're particularly suspicious about, like dollar slice places in New York (are they a money laundering front?) and memes about movies and TV shows (are the
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A Reddit story about a worker who gets his finger sliced off and his boss refuses to pay workers comp

Teenage Worker Gets Finger Sliced off on Machinery, Boss Refuses to Pay Workers Comp

Working a thankless customer service job can be grueling. You get regularly disrespected by both customers and your boss . Customers might yell at you or even in rare situations throw a glass at your head, but they typically don't pose real danger to your safety. They come in, they ruin your night, and then they leave. Your boss is much more likely to put you in unsafe situations due to their negligence. Sure, they might not intend to hurt you, but they do hurt you just the same through inane p…
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couples therapy, red flag, toxic relationships, relationships, ask reddit, therapy, couples counseling, marriage, family, advice, relationship advice, divorce, breakup, comments, toxic, psychology | threerottenbranches 2d 3 1 Award Contempt experience true contempt one relationship know is usually over. Look towards peaceful ending at point if possible. Reply 23.7k belovetoday 2d 1 Award Ah, contempt one Dr. John Gottman's 4 horsemen predictors divorce. Along with: Criticism, Stonewalling and

Couples Counselors Share What Toxic Relationships Really Look Like

Relationship problems that set off red flags
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Scary Science Facts Most People Don't Think About

Not-so-fun facts
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A compilation of funny and interesting images and screenshots from Reddit posts and Reddit threads

Hilarious Reddit Posts That Prove It's Not So Bad After All

Reddit has a mediocre reputation depending on who you ask. So many non-Redditors believe it's an absolute cesspool of the worst people with the worst opinions imaginable. I myself believed that before I made my account. Those who've never taken a dip into the waters of Reddit themselves need to know that it's just like any social media in that you need to curate your feed. Facebook, Twitter, TikTok: every one of these places can be either a pleasant walk in the park or hell on earth, depending…
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Reddit post about crazy Karen who demands person gets out of elevator for her and her seven children

Crazy Karen Demands Everyone Gets Out of Elevator to Make Room For Her 7 Children

The hallmark trait of a Karen is entitlement. Most Karen's wants to control every person around them, even if they is making the most demanding and absurd request. Not only do they believe the world revolves around them, but they are going to ensure that everyone around them knows they think the world revolves around them and make it the public's problem. One of the worst breeds of Karen's are those who demand you inconvenience yourself for them and their spoiled rotten kids . They yell at rest…
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ask reddit, reddit, funny comments, jobs, careers, funny stories, job application, job memes, work, work sucks, bosses, red flag | Space2345 5d they ask out no where clients can bring with Reply 6.3k stupidlyugly 5d interviewed with MetLife insurance about twenty years ago. They demanded provide them with contact list no fewer than hundred friends and family. Noped out quickly. 4.4k WineAndDogs2020 5d Sure wasn't an interview with an MLM? | once told Sometimes hourly workers go on strike and

Blaring and Subtle Red Flags People Noticed During Job Interviews

These people really dodged a bullet
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Thread Discusses Common Things People Base Their Whole Personalities On

Human beings love to stuff themselves into little categorical boxes in order to simultaneously fit in and stand out. But to strongly identify with something outside yourself sounds pretty absurd when you really think about it. Is the type of breakfast cereal you consume really such an integral part of your core being? Do you feel like the bands you listen to represent the whole of your personality ? Not to get all philosophical, but I'm pretty sure the things people tend to base their entire pe…
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