A compilation of memes based on painting from throughout art history

Art History Memes For Museum Fiends

I love an art museum : I always have! My mom likes to tell this story about when I was three and visiting the Art Institute of Chicago. Allegedly, I turned to her and said my life had changed forever after visiting that museum. I don't remember saying that, but I do remember that going to museums was an absolute highlight of my childhood. The hard thing about going to museums as an adult is that everybody has different expectations for what you're going to do while you're there. I am a loser wh…
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guy turns items from his boring daily routine into beloved viral memes

'Posting memes in the real world': Paper cutout artist turns everyday public items into beloved classic viral memes

You see a sink faucet, he sees the Shaq crying from eating spicy wings on 'Hot Ones' meme.
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A compilation of Art History themed memes

Art History Memes For Masters of Realism

If you think about it, paintings were the original memes . Past painters made realistic depictions of people with all sorts of intentions in mind. Portraits, depictions of rural life, images from literature: whatever they meant to people in the 1800s doesn't matter that much. Now, they are prime fodder for memes. The expressions made by people in paintings are objectively funny. Their exaggerated or intentionally demure vibes make them the perfect subject for relatable memes. Even though I'm no…
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Brutal Portraits from Hawaiian Caricaturist Amuse and Horrify Twitter

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Cringey story about a tattoo designer who got called out for stealing designs off of Google

Tattoo Artist Gets Exposed For Blatantly Stealing Designs From Google

When you get caught in a glaringly obvious web of lies , the best policy is generally to just own up to it. Nobody's falling for your BS anyway so it's probably best to not make yourself look even more stupid. This "tattoo artist" blatantly stole a bunch of their designs from other artists off of Google and then continued to play dumb after being called out . And the worst part? The copied art is definitely not as good as the original!
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tattoos, tattooing, weird, wtf, art, why, bad tattoos, cursed

A Horrifying Array of Utterly Cursed Tattoos

Just why?
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Refined Classical Art Memes For the Cultured Souls

Memes both cultured & dank
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Article about twitter discourse surrounding two Picasso paintings.

Trad Dude Gets Roasted By Art History Nerds

Why is art the way that it is? That is one of the first questions you might ask when looking at a new painting, and the answers can come from various places. Of course, the historical context of different art movements informs why paintings are a certain way. However, questioning a painting and finding your own answers can be the answer to some of the most prominent questions art inspires. Sometimes, it's easiest to ask your Twitter followers.
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A compilation of random memes, tweets, and tumblr posts.

Self-Actualizing Memes To Awaken Your Consciousness

Free your mind and the memes will follow.
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A Load More DALL-E Mini Memes Because The Internet Can't Get Enough Of Them

They're everywhere
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DALL-E Is Making Crazed AI-Generated Art Pieces That Speak Volumes About The People Behind Them

Welcome to uncanny valley
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Funny parody ads for mobile game, twitter tweets, mobile game hell

Artist Creates Parody Concept Art For Those Unhinged Mobile Game Ads

If you've used pretty much any type of social media , chances are you've seen those unhinged advertisements for games like Project Makeover, or games that involve living in a palace and trying to climb up the ranks to bang a prince. They usually involve a woman (or two), and a lot of dirt, grime, body hair and sometimes even weird sexual situations . Oh, and unexplained baldness. These advertisements are well documented over at the @MobileGameHell Twitter account. Last week, artist Julie Greine…
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Twitter user shares conversation between artist and prospective customer who fakes death to try to get free stuff

Entitled Liar Fakes Own Death to Score Free Art

Many moons ago, when I was an internet-addicted high school student, I would see people with beautiful Livejournal layouts, profile photos, and backgrounds. Most were painstakingly created in Photoshop , dappled with effects that range from artfully old and coffee stained to seemingly glowing from within. The artists responsible would usually take commissions, either in the form of actual money or via trades. I could never afford such a luxury. Instead I became friends with other fan fiction en…
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Guy Visits Mom, Gets Presented With Questionable Childhood Shirt Design

Happy memories?
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Daft And Demented YouTube Thumbnails That Someone Really Sat Down And Made

Talk about clickbait
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Bemused Daughter Shares Mom’s Vegetatively Odd Hobby With The World

“You can take the girl out of the dirt, but you can’t take the dirty out of the girl.”
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