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Stahp. That.

Object-label meme where King Kong represents "Me trying to watch TV" and a little soldier guy on a building represents "My dog eating its own f*cking feet for three hours"
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Funny meme about using bathroom, classical art meme, funny meme.
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They'll Never See It Coming

Funny classical art meme about oxi-clean and cain and abel.
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What The Frick Are You Looking At

Caption that reads, "That feeling when you go out for a quiet meal and some f*cker at the next table starts painting you" above a painting of three people eating at a table and looking over in a judgmental manner
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Every Damn Day

Funny meme about art
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The Picture Of Health

Funny meme about not drinking for a day and expecting to be healthy.
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Too Real

Funny meme about hangover and drinking.
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Classic Anxiety

Funny meme about anxiety using a painting of a ship at sea
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Must Be A Prank

Funny art meme.
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The Horror

Funny meme about putting ketchup on pasta.
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Marry Me

funny meme about grammar, they, their, there, classical art meme.
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Rise and Grind!

Funny meme about waking up
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Be Very, Very Careful

Funny meme about posting when unread messages, art memes, funny memes.
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