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Watch This Harrowing Footage of an American Pilot Accidentally Dropping a 500-Pound Bomb on His Own Ground Forces

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It Doesn't Get More 'Murican Than This


This Picture Was Taken at the Perfect Moment

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It Doesn't Get More 'Murican Than This

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Allow This Former Army Ranger to Show You How to Open Velcro Without Anyone Hearing It

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Never Go Into Combat Without Your Tactical Diaper!

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Is That a Fighter Jet I Hear?

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The Evolution of the Uniform

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Look Out, World!

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Army Tree Removal Training

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Army Boots in 2014

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That's Alright, Kid, I'll Let This One Slide...

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Train Hard, Play Video Games

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We're Matching!

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Do Gun Scopes Count as Corrective Lenses?

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Now That's an Army Knife

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