Funny memes about being in the armed forces, military, navy, air force | tom cruise in top gun movie playing volleyball shirtless vs guys from revenge of the nerds: Officers movies Officers real life. baby yoda: get pulled over and give officer military ID hoping will get out ticket

27 Military Memes For Privates And Staff Sergeants Alike

Basic training sucks, these memes don't.
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Funny memes about camouflage | Soldiers looking their camo clothes every morning: Spongebob Squarepants | does camouflage look like ALL IMAGES MAPS NEWS VIDEOS SHOPPIN Alright, then. Keep secrets Frodo The Lord of the Rings

Fifteen Camouflage Memes For Those Who Prefer To Be Inconspicuous

These memes will never not be funny.
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The Ultimate Dad Joke

Funny tweet about someone's high school reunion that turns into a dad joke | high school reunion me i'm in the army now friend i thought you were either going to be a referee or an attorney yeah i couldn't decide between boxers and briefs so i went commando
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Funny memes where veterans explain classic Disney movies

Veterans Explain Disney Movies For A Twisted Take On The Classics

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Funny memes about the military, military memes.

33 Military Memes To Help You Laugh Through The Struggle

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Military Memes

17 Military Memes Worthy Of Some Sweet 'Chest Candy'

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military army memes

30 Snide Military Memes That You Probably Shouldn't Show Your Sergeant

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navy memes

33 Navy Memes That Even The 'Blue Ropers' Will Enjoy

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Funny military memes, patriotic memes.

15 Hilarious Military Memes For Anyone Who's Served

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Now thats my kinda army

beer army - 7021724416
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This Army Specialist Had the BEST Response After Being Denied Leave to a Baby Shower

parenting army - 8807447296
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Sgt. Archer Disapproves

military army safety - 8754361088
By tamaleknight
army Video - 78699521

If You Mixed Forest Gump and Damn Daniel, You'd Get These Guys

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Derp Army

fire army - 8570688512
By Unknown


army cute hilarious kitten tactical - 6458290176
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Come On, Waldo, Step It Up!

military wheres waldo waldo army - 7607895296
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