Like Garlic to Vampires

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Squirrel Munching on an Apple

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Nope, Pikachu Just Likes Apples

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The Extra Effort Makes it Unappetizing

lazy oranges apples fruit - 8104746496

An In Cider Job

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Getting Off Math Will Change Your Life

Not Even Once meth apples math - 7856758272

How Well Do You Eat An Apple?

Chart food apples - 7856070144
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How Can I Make Apple Pie With THIS?

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Those Are My Favorite Apples

Sexy Ladies wtf apples funny - 4065444096
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They Sort of Count

Close Enough apples - 6218785024
Created by AngelReg1362

Rabbit Enjoying an Apple

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Baby Monkey Nomming An Apple

Very cute GIF of a cute little monkey nom-nomming an apple.
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Sloth Enjoying an Apple

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Oh Sweet, I Love Caramel Apples!

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The Worst of Friends

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Created by stoatly

I Think We Should Just Abananadon This Conversation Altogether

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