Are There Transdimensional Worms in That Apple?

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Created by anselmbe

Moose Gets Apple Treat

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Created by ani.s4 ( Via Youtube )

Apple Slices Are Delicious

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An Apple a Day

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Via Rain Dog Comic

Time to Cut Some Apples

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Created by anselmbe

An Apple a Day

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Via Bing

An Apple a Day

apples doctors web comics - 8332713472

The Best Way to Skin an Apple

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Created by ToolBee

Bunny Eats an Apple

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A Special Announcement From the Head of Apple

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Via Twisted Doodles

Justice is Cruel

justice apples web comics - 8299098624
Via Black Mormon

This Magic Well is Named Accurately

well apples web comics - 8296116736
Via Robbie And Bobby

Another Angle to Obamacare's Partnership With Apple

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Via Lonnie Millsap

Water Jet Cutting an Apple in Half

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Boozle in the Apple Bowl

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Created by ani.s4 ( Via Youtube )

*Remembers The Primal Sense of Dread Felt at Age 4*

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Via Poorly Drawn Lines