object labeling meme pic of a girl tracing the silhouette of a cat onto a paper

'Girl Tracing Cat' Memes Let You Throw Some Major Shade

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stolen technology stupid people idiots apple Story Time iphone - 5469701

Idiot Phone Thief Impersonates Apple Genius, Gets Owned

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Funny parody video about Siri in the 80s.

This 80's Parody of Siri Is Hilariously Entertaining

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Funny memes popular on reddit featuring Safari tabs.

Redditors Are Now Using Safari Tabs To Create Amusing Meme Stories

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Funny meme about apple watch background.
Via highfiveexpert

What Will They Think Of Next?

Funny meme about future iphones.
Via Crippling Things
Collection of funny memes about Apple X's facial recognition software, game of thrones, faceless men, arya stark.

Apple Face ID Announcement Inspires Anxiety, Hilarious Memes

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The Revolution Is Here

Funny meme about how Apple changes the smallest thing and apple fans freak out.
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So Real

Funny meme making fun of people who prefer iphones over androids.
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Funny collection of memes

Lunch Break: 20 Random Memes to Improve Your Day

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Collection of funny memes

Lunch Break: 25 Random Memes to Get You Over the Midday Hump

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And That's How Movies Are Made

Funny meme about how the emoji movie was made by Apple as a 120 minute commercial.
Via rrichardjames

Try a Brown Paper Bag

Funny meme about avocados, making them look like an Apple product and riffing on how they are always not ripe enough or too ripe. Guacamole is extra.
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Apple Works Fast

Funny meme about Apple making a fidget spinner.
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Can't Wait To Line Up For This!

Funny meme/image of a fake future Mac computer with bizarre features like gloves and automatic Amazon purchases.
Via versace_tamagotchi

Desperate Times

Memes apple - 9023226112
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