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18 Super Relatable Memes For Anyone Dealing With Mental Health Issues

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Pic of random fish guy looking tired under the caption, "When you try to caffeinate yourself but you just end up increasing your heart rate while remaining exhausted"
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Introvert Probs

Sarcastic headline that reads, "Man Spends Whole Day Dreading Fun Activity He Signed Up For"
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Something little and irrelevant happens, slaps a button that says "overthink"
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Guy having a conversation with his anxiety about something that could potentially happen, but probably won't
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We'll Never Know

Tweet that reads, "When you are constantly anxious but you don't know why." with a pic of a computer pop-up that says nothing but provides an 'OK' button
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Funny memes about deperssion and anxiety, therapy, repressing memories.

22 Depressing Memes For The Anxious & Downtrodden

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Meet Sam, the Cat with Eyebrows

anxious worry eyebrows Cats - 7013292800
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