A list of funny horse and horse riding memes

Horse Memes For Proud Horse Girls

Horse girls are the glue that keeps this country together . Their passion for these majestic animals gives me the strength to go out and follow my own passions. Society might criticize and deride (haha) horse girls for their earnestness, but the horse girl community will never fall. Their power grows, like the baby foal into mighty steed they so gracefully ride upon. My favorite horse girl of all time is Elizabeth Taylor in National Velvet . This is a girl who knows what she wants, and she's go…
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A story about cruel parents who sell their son's cat on Facebook Marketplace behind his back

Cruel Parents Sell Son's Pet Cat Behind His Back

So evil
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Wholesome Memes That Bring That Warm and Fuzzy Feeling

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Funny cute dogs memes,

Wholesome Dog Memes and Moments For the Dog Lovers of the World

Dogs are amazing creatures, and you best believe I think they need to be protected at all costs. Even after a couple of years of identifying as a " cat person ," there's no way I can turn my back on the cute, devoted, and sometimes stinky creatures I grew up with. The bond shared with a pet is strong, and there's something about a dog bond that can't be replicated. Their eyes, full of devotion. Their grief when you leave home. Most of all, when I think about dogs, I think about Teddy, my family…
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A compilation of funny and cute animal memes

Animal Memes For Dog and Cat Lovers

Bark Bark. Meow Meow. These are the classic sounds of the dog and the cat we all know and love. They are the most common pets for a reason, and that reason is that they are so rad. A dog will bark when they hear you coming out of the bathroom. A cat can stretch out to over three feet. These are iconic animals that I can't help but love with all of my heart. I understand why certain people do not want dogs or cats as pets. They is much more responsibility required for a feline or a canine than a…
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Funny possum memes, animals, cute memes, chaos, depression, anxiety

A Candid and Chaotic Crew of Possum Memes

For as long as I can remember, being a trash animal has been considered the adorable raccoon's game. The masked critters would creep around in the night, destroying giganting garbage bags of food, rifling through compost, and even waltzing into my Brooklyn apartment to hydrate from my poor cat's fountain. Once they just straight up started gobbling up her food. Until relatively recent years, raccoons left our other favorite trash critter, possums, in the proverbial dust. Possums are complicated…
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Goofy Examples of Animals in Places They Aren't Supposed to Be

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A compilation of tweets responding to Heidi Klum's worm Halloween costume

Heidi Klum Stuns The Internet With Her Crazy Worm Costume

I am nothing if not a Hedi Klum stan . I started watching Project Runway when I was about 7 years old, and it took me rewatching it this summer to realize that she was the perfect host. Something about Heidi's delivery of information to the designers, her German accent, and her charm makes her an absolute joy to watch onscreen. Unlike Nina Garcia and Michael Kors, she is not so bitter and critical, and she brought a level of fun to the judge's panel that was desperately needed. Heidi has always…
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Funny cute memes, animals and things, wholesome content

Wholesome Memes and Stories to Remind Us That Humanity Might Not Be the Worst After All

It's easy to log into Twitter or read the news and think we are absolutely f*cked beyond belief. And you know what, you might not be completely wrong. The world really does seem as though it is going to hell, and it often seems like there is nothing we can do about it. But one of the most clutch things about being a human is our resilience, and our ability to try to make the best of situations. Sometimes, instead of trying to tackle the big things like world peace or climate change, you need to…
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A compilation of funny and clever animal memes

Animal Memes For Lifelong Animal Lovers

Halloween is just around the corner, and you know what that means! For fans of the animal kingdom, it means it's time to find an animal costume that carefully treads the line between being a furry and being Regina from Mean Girls . When you're a kid, it's easy to dress up as a cat or a wolf without getting any slack for it. Animal costumes are available, possibly a little basic, but most of all, cute. As an adult, you have to choose between whatever hogwash Spirit Halloween has to offer or the…
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Frog memes, frog things, cute things

An Amphibious Bunch of Frog Memes and Things

You've gotta hand it to frogs and toads. It's well known that it is not easy being green. So why is it so damn easy to scroll through a bunch of dumb and wholesome frog memes ? It's true that the meme world tends to favor cats and dogs, and though we do love a good cheems meme, our amphibious friends kind of get the shaft where meme attention is concerned. And we're not okay with that. So it's time to show some love to our favorite froggy critters. These memes and posts are just a taste of the…
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A compilation of ecological and animal memes.

Ecological Memes For Animal Fanatics

The crazy thing about animals when you break it down is that they are truly just freaky little guys. It’s wild that we walk the earth with them but at the same time it just makes sense. some animals like spiders and aquatic life are the creepiest closest things we’ve got to aliens on earth
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Starling's Eerily Good Human Mimicry Skills Freak Out Twitter

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A compilation of adorable dog memes

Dog Memes To Bark and Howl About

Dogs are an S-tier pet if there ever was one. They are called man's best friend for a reason; doggos are uncritical, love you unconditionally, and are generally a blast to be around. Dogs might not be for everyone, but if you're an extrovert who wants even more social interaction in your life, then these furry friends are perfect for you. Even if you're more of an introvert, having a sweet, cuddly, and quiet dog around you is a welcome distraction from all the annoying people in the world. Alth…
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Cute and funny memes about bunnies

Cute and Funny Bunny Things For Fans of Rabbits

You don't meet too many people with rabbits here in New York City. Which is kind of a shame, because little kids love those critters. I remember a friend of mine who had a rabbit named Sonoma. As you can imagine, her father worked in the wine industry. The rabbit was not kind. So while it may feel like we missed out, it's probably a practical choice for parents to avoid the floppy-eared beasts when searching for a kids' pet. That said, we can't get enough of the critters. They're cute, they're…
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A compilation of cute and funny animal memes

The Funniest Animal Memes of the Week (October 8, 2022)

Isn't it crazy how we're all animals ? You and me are just as much of an animal as a fish or a bird. The only difference is that we convince ourselves we're better than other animals because we're the apex predator allegedly. As far as I'm concerned, the only thing that humans have better than animals is language. We can conjugate sentences, and they can do nothing of the sort. That's all we've got on them. Most other animals do not have to go to work. Sure, they have to get food and clean them…
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