Unleash The Dragon

anger azns gifs pranks Pranks for the Memories punch rage - 6181804032
Created by Quail666

The Accidental Troll

accident anger comment facebook socially awkward penguin troll - 6075154432
See all captions Created by Manda


anger hunger games mad mahogany Memes - 6053232128

The Box... Says No

anger box flip futurama no Rage Comics - 6021317120
Created by le-user

Effing Gifs

anger gifs Rage Comics rage face - 6018860288
Created by Dzsenii

Nerd Rage

anger best of week gifs nerds rage table throw - 5974561536
Created by meganeguard ( Via )

Germany Needs Anger Management

anger german language Rage Comics - 5903224576
Created by FinnForLyphe

I Find This Upsetting

anger Bar Graph best of week feels happy - 5847057152
Created by tehvenezuelan

Watch out, guys! We got a protester over here!

anger Badass protester sign - 5713913600
Created by TheRoflTroll

Raging Penguin

anger critters fierce gifs penguin rage - 5649933568


Funny GIF of a crocodile come out of a shallow pond and attacking a lawnmower
Created by _C_A_T_ ( Via )

A Real Angry Bird

anger angry birds birds critters dogs gifs - 5591945728
Created by heinhander11

What Are You So Angry About?

anger critters dogs eyebrows gifs Sundog - 5420380416

Hate Leads to Suffering

anger hate haters gonna hate movies star wars suffering yoda - 5390135040

Foul Ball

anger ball critters dogs gifs pool Sundog - 5327539712

The Most Hypothetical Argument in the World, Sistah

anger argument head hypothetical the most interesting man in the world - 5301629440